USA Foreign Company Registration

USA Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Foreign business formation as law and process of the country, manages licensing, permissions of trading, work permit, investors and overseas employees visa, branch office establishment, let know direct investment policy (FDI), accounts preparation, audit, submission tax and VAT and company secretarial services.

USA Foreign Company Registration (LLC or Corporation)

  • Business name confirmation is first job before beginning a fresh enterprise;
  • S. as a large states in which province entity shall be begun to choice is first decision by the sponsors because some rules vary upon province to province;
  • Filling up some government forms as prescribed and all others formalities to proceed of merger;
  • Corporation identification number confirmation is another task of steps;
  • Shareholding position declaration through meeting with number of them is part of  limited firm;
  • To receive payment bank account opening is necessary as USA foreign company registration, incorporation;
  • Without obtaining work permit no one non-nationals shall be given permission to work under fresh entity;
  • Directors are not owner of the enterprise but shareholders have right only creating a fresh corporation in U.S.A. as non-residence;
  • Begin fresh corporation through Delaware in which enterprise can be formed whether showing practical address or agent’s one, provided that some banks accept and some of them do not accept whom does not have existence of location;
  • Rent or lease house or commercial building for marketable purpose;
  • Recruitment manpower for the organization according to law of the state;
  • Limited Liability Company is created where share possessor of owners who are called sponsors;
  • Each individual enterprise shall be obtained Certificate and Income Tax number of employer ;
  • Find whether products are restricted in that province where want to start business in U.S. as non-residence;
  • Business can be registered without visa and in attendance in USA foreign company registration;
  • Limited partnership entity is not like LLC but it is allowed in U.S. to register as non-residence;
  • E-1 and E-2 visa is open for the treaty countries and can be permitted for two years and L-1 visa or H-1B visa are applicable for the overseas sponsors to set up business in America and for worker whose visa can be allowed for one year;
  • Investor’s visa can be considered upon deposit of US one hundred thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand and with some other conditions;
  • Income Tax rate depend upon treaty countries and province of U.S. but average rate is twenty-five percent to thirty percent;
  • Who earns equivalent amount of US$ nine thousand two hundred twenty-five shall applicable of ten percent taxes and if income is US$ 413200 may be applicable of 40% taxes in terms of individual;
  • Capital gain tax rate around twenty-five percent for trading company;

Open foreign branch office in U.S.A.

Below mentioning procedure may help to take decision of setup liaison office:

  • All business entity should open bank account so, it is one of the step to register such office here;
  • Without office address communication is not possible so, address, physical existence is must to formation such office;
  • In case of hiring domestic employees find agency to get help;
  • Do you need visa? At the beginning visit for preliminary task getting B-1 (temporary) visa;
  • Such office is incorporated under a main enterprise that is responsible for any activities of area workplace;
  • Documents of main corporation should forward with attested from embassy as process of representative office setup in USA foreign company registration;


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