SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

You must agree with us that SEO and digital marketing is the key of increase sales. Feel free to contact us for a quick discussion on SEO and Digital Marketing agency service in Petaling Jaya.

Digital Marketing & SEO agency in PJ, Malaysia

Digital Marketing & SEO agency in PJ

To cover service area of Digital Marketing agency in Tropicana Avenue, Damansara and in PJ are convenient. There is 300 offices available in Tropicana Avenue commercial building and more than 30 shops at down floors.

Marketing 1) Off-line 2) Online, today, will discuss on online marketing advantages along with SEO impact. Let, you have quality goods and services but who knows about this ! Either off-line or online marketing are option to let others know about products and services.

As agency of SEO and Digital Marketing, some tips are given to know how do we work? The followings tune to develop ranking:

  1. Fresh coding website
  2. Unique content
  3. Check website speed
  4. Add live chat/ order option
  5. Add customer’s review option
  6. Add website in Google business
  7. Post in Blog continuously
  8. 3rd Party marketing
  9. Create fresh image to post in blog
  10. Create YouTube video
  11. Quality link building by Video, Image, Content, Slide and so on
  12. Social Media Marketing
  13. Google, Facebook, Instagram paid campaign
  14. Web2, Bookmarking, Directory Submission, PDF file, Profile creation, Forum contribution, Contribution in Q & A Sites.
  15. Keywords analytics

Content is the master of SEO and website can rank without other tuning by content, only. Fresh and pragmatic relevant content considering benefit of customers are more effective. Young entrepreneurs can start Content, Digital Marketing & SEO business as Small Business Ideas in Malaysia.

Website design is another important role of SEO ranking as well designed website is preferred by customers.

Add review of products and services if possible with website to know feedback of customers. Add some fresh video clips regularly.

Publish an article in blog once in a week relating new announcement, review, price, new items and so on.

YouTube is powerful media hence publish video regularly and engage clients into watching video. Customer feedback related video, comparison, quality and others type of videos can make to publish.

Continue quality link building if require as focus on quality only not quantity.

At the end, SEO is endless work as rank goes up and down for many reasons.

Digital Marketing is nothing but promote the goods and services in Social Media. Find the best social media users base of age, interest and more benefits. Paid marketing is instant effective plan that increase CTR.



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