Bangladesh Joint Venture Company

bangladesh joint venture company

Our service area: Bangladesh joint venture company registration (merger, acquisition, subsidiary);

  • Private limited company (JV), garments and any other industry setup permission in tax free zone or any area;
  • Work permit, visa in Bangladesh with accounts, income tax and audit service;

Bangladesh Joint Venture Company

Joint Venture company registration procedure in Bangladesh is almost same of wholly own share holding entity major changes are share holding proportion as: foreign owners or investors may hold 49 per cent of share at maximum whereas local entrepreneur may hold 51 per cent of total share proportionately.

  • Promoters meeting minutes copy mentioning
  • Corporation multiple names
  • Sponsors signature
  • Share holding position of the directors
  • Objectives of business
  • Name reservation of the corporation (XYZ LIMITED);
  • Remit an amount against paid up (partially or whole) to any account whether person or corporate that encashment shall be enclosed to incorporation office, RJSC;
  • Prepare MoA and AoA according to Company Act, 1994 of Bangladesh;
  • Pay the amount of government and additional fees those are required to complete registration process;
  • Get directors or investors income tax certificate from NBR whether in Bangladesh joint venture company or any limited company;
  • Fill up prescribe forms (XII, VI, IX, X) available in website of RJSC, directors special information with signature need to put up;
  • Appoint lawyer/ legal representative/ attorney who is responsible to finish business establishment;
  • Passport copy (scan) of the sponsors is enough to fill up required fields;
  • Passport main copy is required to show getting income tax copy, added new policy of government;
  • 3 (three) copies are provided from government office at beginning when formation is done from RJSC (incorporation certificate, form XII and MoA and AoA with original seal and date of the registrar (joint secretary), provided that any other documents shall be provided after receiving request from directors;
  • Apply for business income tax after receiving 3 papers from RJSC office, above mentioning;
  • Apply for Trade License from regional office of city corporation or local office as business in Bangladesh;
  • You are eligible to open bank account after obtaining above papers (3 papers of RJSC, Income Tax and trade license);
  • Apply for VAT certificate enclosing attain papers to regional VAT office in Bangladesh joint venture company where business is located;
  • Forward all papers to become member of Chamber of Commerce or, BGMEA, BKMEA or any other association;
  • Apply for export and import license enclosing all papers (above mentioning), collect check list from government office or our office;
  • Forward application for environment certificate (factory set up);
  • Prepare a joint agreement between parties as further needful documents;

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