Brazil Foreign Company Registration

Brazil Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Brazil foreign company registration-incorporation service;

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Brazil.
  • Step by step of Brazil foreign company registration process:
  • Foreign Corporation is establishment by law of the country and entity obeyed to respect the terms;
  • Ensure company Name , Address, MOA, Papers notary, Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a private limited company in Brazil;
  • Overseas owners, least two, can hold shares in terms of Jointly Venturing;
  • Lowest share is open, out of limitation, as directly investment policy;
  • Lowest share worth of Local money 150,000, ever permission & promoters entry permit,¬† have to remit to incorporation as FDI;
  • Permission from commerce ministry, other permission bodies to Brazil foreign company registration or, formation are required to start a business;
  • Free zone where overseas initiators enjoy all facilities of operation;
  • 1 (one) director and 2 (two) shareholders are required to create business;
  • Corporate Tax 4 (four) per cent (%) to seventeen point four two per cent;
  • Fifteen per cent (%) institution tax on wealth gaining;
  • Without previous approval are allowed to may purchase share of the enterprise;
  • Government of Brazilian made the climate of investment friendly as a result payment date of share sum has not been fixed but relaxed;
  • Bank offers loans easily to expand business as foreign investors;
  • Overseas investors enjoy right of purchasing assets , provided that ensure taxation as regular basis in Brazil;
  • Small area where investment are discouraged like media, insurance & finance organization;

Note: We provide company registration service in Brazil for foreigner, only.

Branch Office Registration in Brazil

The following papers are required for branch office registration in Brazil:

  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • Power given a human who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About month (thirty days ) might essential to complete registration process;
  • Until permission is granted might not starting activities;


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