Small business ideas in Brazil

Small business ideas in Brazil

We have discussed some small business ideas in Brazil those may click by foreign investors and local. Brazil has a labor force of more than 107 million with an unemployment rate of 6.2%. The government is supporting small start ups to support the local economy. Brazil’s Ministry of Science is willing to invest around $78 million in local and foreign startups. The idea is to lure both domestic and foreign talent to build tech companies and create local jobs.

Many more government-backed are also taking initiatives to support small business ideas in Brazil. With so many doors for help there are many small business plans that can be initiated in the country. If you are a foreigner or on other kinds of visa on Brazil, startups can also be your choice but the only barrier and requirement is a trade-off to convert it to a permanent visa. These trade-offs can be getting married to a local passport holder.

Energy Sector

Brazil has an enormous history of blackouts with people and companies facing huge losses due to lack and shortage of energy supply. If you want to be a part of the booming new business in Brazil you can open up a small solar panel supply company or even a cloud-based monitoring system which shall help many hospitals, offices and shops detect the exact problem with the power source and help fix it soon.

Luggage Delivery

Brazil is a very enticing destination for tourists. The recent world cup held in Brazil exposed the beauty of Brazil to the world. Since it is the time to invest more in the tourism sector of the country Brazil, one can plan a small startup surrounding this. Vacation is fun but long flights are to Brazil is tiring. On top of that, no tourists would like conveying their luggage after a long flight especially when they are first timers.

You can make some money by helping people with this. What you can do is offer luggage delivery services so that travelers do not have to worry about their luggage delivery. The service can also be open for locals or business mans who frequently travel within the country a lot.

Bottled Water

This might sound funny but yes, another business you wouldn’t regret starting up   in Brazil is bottled water production. Everyone drinks water and prefers bottled water since they believe its more you can start producing clean bottled water for sale in a small scale initially.

For this small startup you won’t even require much of a funding. If you want to stand out with this business, you can start bottled alkaline water production. Alkaline bottled is trending right after its beneficial claim in detoxifying the body by health experts.

Paint Production

As easy as it sounds, you can also make money from producing paint.  Almost every other day new infrastructures and buildings are being built in the country making paint a hot sold item. You can start a small shop or even a small warehouse where pain is produced. Later you can always produce it in larger scale and export worldwide.

Educational Consultancy

Education is an important sector of any country; Good education rate has many other positive factors apart from the prosperity of a country. You can become an educational consultant and help to render admission assistance and counseling to support students.

These small business ideas in Brazil have high chances of being funded by the government if pitched accurately. Apart from this you can also start online classes for a small fee in exchange with proper educational qualifications.

Wine Shop

Brazil is a favorite spot for tourists, with such overflowing amount of tourists a small shop of wine can never be a mislaying choice of business. Apart from tourists local Brazilians are also fond of wine, which means you shall never fall short of customers. Lastly, all you need for this small venture is a few months of training and a license.

Internet Service Provider

In this era of digitization a large percentage of Brazilians use mobile phones and computers which of course need to be connected to the internet. Companies and business owners also use the internet for their business purposes and so does schools as a supporting part of their curriculum. You need to check out Brazilian culture- history, flavor, and diversity practices. People are always looking for fast internet service providers at cheap rates.

If you feel that you have something similar to offer the Brazilians then you can start your own internet service provider. Also since this a very demanding business plan you an always go for partnerships if funding is needed. You might be interested to start a business as a foreign investor in the desirable sector (s).


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