Business plan in Saudi Arabia

Business plan in Saudi Arabia

Initially, the investors regardless foreign or local must have a viable business plan in Saudi Arabia including a study of the market conditions, the competition and forecast results of market. Those who are interested to invest must have a good knowledge on Saudi Arabia especially for the foreign investors. They need to undertake extensive research into the business sector where they wish to operate and license of business. Besides, the foreign investors need to prepare for necessary investment from their own resources because banks will be as convenient for them as they are the new comers without a strong track record in this region. But investors can get the local or government support if they able to attract through their credible business plan.

Business Plan

Investors should bear in mind that a good business plan in Saudi Arabia for the market will never be underestimated and this is considered the key to success. In the business plan, investors or entrepreneurs must clarify how they will take their business from paper to profit and expand a business in Saudi Arabia through encompassing their objectives, forecasts and routes. It is known that success and failure can be differentiated whether it is a well-structured business plan or not. For the new comers in this region should find out what they are trying to achieve, how they will achieve that and at the same time when they are going to achieve it by through making extensive research on their certain field of business.

Quick Guidelines

Investors need to follow the quick guidelines to make their business profitable in Saudi Arabia.

  • If the foreign entrepreneurs wish to show their business plan to potential investors, they need to summarize their overall business plan
  • Description of the company is another essential part along with the products or services what they intend to sell in Saudi Arabia
  • Description about their valuable customers
  • The pattern of marketing and sales team and how they will enter in the market of Saudi Arabia for the specific product
  • Description of the Management and Workforce with their existing employees or hire people overseas.
  • Entrepreneurs must show from which sources they will finance along with their costs and forecast, offices, factories, production facilities, locations, management systems andIT.
  • Another important thing is who will help them to formulate a business plan in the Saudi Arabia market where advisers will exist. So, they need to show the step-by-step through methodology and performance management.
  • Blueprinting a plan for operating a business in local region is comparatively simple but blueprinting for overseas operations is quite difficult. If the foreign entrepreneurs don't feel confident drawing a blueprint, they should get in touch with one of the many international business-planning services which are already existed there and it is recommended.

Market Entry Strategy

The blueprint is needed for the delivery of certain products or services in the market and end user in Saudi Arabia. The targeted customers and competition are the main concern for entering in the market in Saudi Arabia. Before entering in the market, entrepreneurs need to reassess their whole strategy with their offering competitive products / services / prices than their competitors.

Basic tips for planning market entry

  • As business plan in Saudi Arabia, Initially the foremost work for the entrepreneurs is to research the market and identify their best potential customers, locations, sales leads and sales channels
  • Sales volumes should be calculated with the expanding potential growth in their business to Saudi Arabia
  • Entrepreneurs should identify the best distribution channels in that region.
  • Another important thing is to study on the products, services, distribution channels of the competitors
  • Find out and decide on specific entry points and niches in Saudi Arabia
  • Investors specifically the foreign investors have a good understanding of current and future political and economic climates of this country
  • Initial cost and risk factor should be calculated
  • Evaluate the operational and logistical needs before entering the market of Saudi Arabia
  • Recognize the duties, rules and regulations with all kind of restrictions
  • Market test is essential before launching the product or service in the certain market to understand the viability, transferability and profitability
  • Analyze the market through following the marketing techniques, product image
  • Evaluate the possibility of expanding business with the help of necessary future funding.
  • Market opportunities, risks and environment should be evaluated properly before launching the certain product or service in the market in the country
  • Fix the pricing through following the pricing strategy and speak with the distributors and producers because they know the obstacles and opportunities more than the entrepreneurs

Competitor Analysis

Entrepreneurs should find out their rival companies such as who are producing more than cheaper or costly product from them. Besides, they can follow SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to identify their best and worst competitors in the market. Besides, they can find out competitors by advertising, literature, websites, press releases, exhibitions, road shows, business accounts, etc. Commissioned market research is another strategy to find out competitors. At the end, without business plan in Saudi Arabia starting new business and invest is risky.

It's a regular inquiries by investors whether business visa is required to start new business in KSA or what type of visa is perfect initially.


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