Company Registration fees in Saudi Arabia

Company Registration fees in Saudi Arabia

Company registration fees in Saudi Arabia are calculated two ways a) government fees and b) Consultancy fees. The procedure of registering a limited company has never been so simple in Saudi Arabia though the government has already decreased both the minimum capital amount which is needed to set-up and the length of time which takes to incorporate in the year 2007. Saudi Arabia is a member of the Paris Convention so the legal basis of Saudi Arabia trademark is considered as Law of Trademarks where Saudi Arabia follows first-to-file basis for trademark protection. The validity of trademark registration is for 10 years from the application date maintaining the Islamic Calendar. Islamic Calendar is followed in every aspect Saudi Arabia which is equivalent to approximately 9 years and 8 months for similar periods of 10 years.

Trademark Registration Fees in Saudi Arabia

Step 1: Pre-filing Search

In each class of pre-feeling search, USD 600 will be required being part of company registration fees in Saudi Arabia and the foreign investors should bear in mind that Pre-filing search is limited to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (ROSPATENT)’s database only. The search report of pre-filing will be delivered in 15 working days by email. Separate searches may be conducted in relation to each constituent element of a device mark and according that the charges will increase gradually.

Step 2: Trademark Registration Request

In each class of trademark registration request USD ($) 2300 is required and the fees cover both of service fees and official filing fees. Besides, fees for trademark registration request cover no more than 20 items of products or services in each class and for more than 20 will be charged with an extra fee of USD ($) 10.

Step 3: Final Registration/Certificate

For the final registration, USD ($) 2,600 will be required in each class. There are some other cost like documents delivery and translation cost and the said cost might be U$ 65 (sixty five).

Calculation of Registration Costs

If the investors regardless local or foreign wish to have their trademark registered in clothing, footwear, headgear which is one mark one class in Saudi Arabia, the total costing will be required USD 5,500 including the Pre-filing search, Request for registration, Final registration/Certificate. On the other hand, if the investors wish to have their"ABC" and "DEF"trademarks registered in the same area which is clothing, footwear, headgear considered as two marks one class, the total costing for registration will be required and calculated according to the following:

  • Pre-filing searches: 600 + 600 = USD ($) 1,200
  • Request for registrations: 2,300 + 2,300 = USD ($) 4,600
  • Final registrations/Certificates: 2,600 + 2,600 = USD ($) 5,200
  • TOTAL: USD ($) 11,000

The costs what have been stated above is being raised by the General Administration of Trademarks of Ministry of Commerce and Industry or any other third party and other kinds of fees such as courier charges for sending the Power of Attorney, delivery of Certificate of Registration upon acceptance of registration and translation fees have been excluded in the above conditions.

Materials Required for Filing of Trademark Application in Saudi Arabia

  • A Power of Attorney which is signed by the applicant with the notarization from Notary public
  • A copy of passport for individuals and Business Registration
  • A certified copy of the priority document in the time of filing priority claim documents and the document can be filed within six months from the filing date of the application which is recommended

Saudi Arabia Trademark Application Procedures

  • Latest quotation will be provided according to the preliminary advice and classifies goods/services
  • Investors will be required to complete Trademark Search/ Registration Order Form after confirming the quotation.
  • The search report of pre-filing search will be sent to client within 15 working days.
  • Investors could refer to the analysis and suggestion in the search report and then decide whether they will file the application or not.
  • Another search will be conducted by the General Administration of Trademarks of Ministry of Commerce and Industry and they check the previous record whether the trademark has already been registered or not.
  • The trademark will be published on the website ofthe Ministry of Commerce and Industry when the trademark will be accepted for registration
  • General Administration of Trademarks of Ministry of Commerce and Industry will issue the registration certificate if no objection is raised by a third party.
  • The total time for completing the whole process can be required around 6 - 10 months currently in Saudi Arabia

Payment Term and Payment Method

The required of company registration fees in Saudi Arabia in every stage of an application are to be invoiced and settled before the commencement of each stage of service and the foreign investors will get the opportunity to pay the fees through cash, TT and credit card through PayPal where 5% additional charge will be incurred for PayPal.


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