Company Registration Fees in Malaysia

Company Registration Fees in Malaysia

As a foreigner, you can register a company or business in Malaysia with 100% ownership. Private and public company registration fees in Malaysia discussion will help promoters for clarification. Sdn Bhd company registration fees as package is Ringgit 2500 for certain period. Total annual cost/ fee is Ringgit 4000 to Ringgit 5000 and this cost should bear as directors either dormant or active company.

Latest information of fee to register a company in Malaysia, 2022

So, to complete the registration process you must choose a specific industry that is dedicated by the government of Malaysia.  . Registering a company in Malaysia is easy and takes 2 to 3 days. Most foreigners take consultancy service or higher professional to make the work done. The business registration fees are as follows:

Company Name Registration Fees

Particular Fees in Ringgit (RM)
Registration of new Sdn Bhd company name 50 one time
2nd proposed company name 50 for each name registration
Sole proprietorship business trade name renewal 60 per year
Sole proprietorship business personal name renewal 30 per year
Business information 10

Source: SSM

Fee for Consultancy Services

Fee for Consultancy Services in Malaysia

There are two types of fees charged by the consultants, 1. Professional or consultancy Fees 2. Government fees. The consulting fees may vary from one industry to another. The table below shows consultancy fees for various service within a company:

Cause of Fees Figure in Ringgit
Company Secretary 1000-2000
Nominee director 500-800 Per Year
Use of official address 100-400 Per Month
Annual Return Fees 300-500
Board Meeting Resolution Preparation Fee 20- 50 Per meeting
Printing charge 10-20 Each time
AGM Papers Preparation 150-300 each time
Bank account opening cost 500-1000 Once
Share Holding Changes Fees 400-400 Per Changes
Secretary Seal 20-50 Per Seal

Company Registration Fees

The new companies Act 2016, you need to pay fee RM 1000 to SSM for per application for the incorporation of a business. However, under the old companies Act 1996, each application for incorporating a company or business needs to be accompanied with payment as per following-

Particulars of the services fee Fees in Ringgit
Company limited by shares 1000
Company limited by guarantee 3000
Unlimited company 1000
Appeal to the minister under section 27 300
Change of company name 100
Lodgement or amendment 30
Lodgement of annual return (Private limited) 150
Lodgement of annual return (Public limited) 500
Lodgement of financial statement and reports (private limited)
Audited financial statement
Non audited financial statement

Lodgement of financial statement and reports (public limited)
Audited financial statement

Extension of time to hold AGM 100
Application to strike off (close) the company 100
Lodgement of objection to strike off 300

SSM Registration Fees Malaysia

Description of services   License   Fees Ringgit
Company Incorporation, virtual business address, company secretary and Bank account opening service (package) Incorporation 2500
Signboard license application fee Signboard and Premise (MBPJ / DBKL) 1500- 2000
Application to concern department, appoint forwarding agent and manage license as HS code. Export and Import 3000- 4000
Guide to prepare require documents and apply for WRT license for nonresidents WRT RM 4000
Guide to prepare supporting documents and apply for license (Kinder Garden, Halal license so on) 1000-3000
Add product and/ or brand name with company name Notification 1000
Guide to prepare supporting papers and apply for Trademark license. Trademark 5000

Foreign Company Registration Procedure

Business registration for the foreign company in Malaysia is either done by engaging a local company with CCM (Company Commission of Malaysia) or registering the company with SSM. The steps below show the procedure step by step-

  • Application of Name Search: First of all, you need to apply for “Name Search Registration”. This is done to determine the proposed name is available for registration. The proposed name is approved by SSM within 3 months. You need to pay around RM 30 for each name registration.
  • Lodgment of Registration Documents: Necessary document needs to submit to SSM within 3 months for name registration. Name registration will be cancelled if you fail to submit the document within three months. Click here to know more about - Company registration in Malaysia for foreigner


Name and company registration Fee as package Ringgit 2500 to Ringgit 4000. Other relevant business license fee is separate such as import and export in Malaysia. So, what services are you looking for in Malaysia ? contact us - S & F Consulting Service is always ready to help you out.

How much is annual cost must bear as Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia?

Ok, average annual cost is Ringgit 4000 to Ringgit 5000. This amount of fees for the services of yearly maintenance, such as annual return to SSM, Secretary, Income tax and Audit service.

How much fee of limited company name registration in Malaysia?

Name registration fee is Ringgit 50, 30 days valid only. If proposed name is rejected then again Ringgit 50 have to pay for another name registration.


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