Japan Foreign Company Registration

Japan Foreign Company Registration

Our service: Company registration in Japan (private limited company-LLC, JV, branch office)

Accounts, income tax, audit, financial advisory;

Let discuss in detail of japan foreign company registration process step by step:-

  • As in Japan foreign company registration where one residence and another non residence Japanese directors are required to register a foreign entity in Japan;
  • MoA & AoA of the company shall be notarized by fees and revenue stamps shall be applied;
  • Bank account shall be allowed to open after completion of business incorporation; investor can open personal account for a while or delegate director may open account until main account is opened;
  • An office address, contact detail, company seal & agreement of the directors have to provide to precede registration;
  • Income Tax, insurance and other certificates need to obtain as corporate investor;
  • Visa of director and foreign employees have to be taken from concern authority
  • 5 million yen capital is required to attain investor visa;
  • No limitation for paid up capital that can be started by 1 or 2 yen;
  • LLP types of enterprise are created to share equity between themselves; Provided that tax are relaxed in such corporation;

Duration: two weeks to five weeks may take time to complete entire process to set up own share holding company in Japan

Income Tax: 42% tax is applicable for the corporate, 20% withholding tax shall be deducted by Japanese

Representative or Branch Office set up in Japan

  • Business operation of the company is not allowed here and profit making too;
  • Information of parent company have to provide as want;
  • Tax is applicable for the branch office as limited corporation;
  • Bank account shall be opened as name of representative on behalf of the entity;
  • Required documents should attest from embassy of the country where parent company is situated;
  • Documents convert as Japanese language to make facilitate with local government;
  • Main enterprise is liable for any activities of such offices here;




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