Small business ideas in Japan

Small business ideas in Japan

Businesses are more or less circumstantial, situational. There are businesses that may be rosy in some parts of the world, but may not be in other parts. Take Malaysia for example. Company Registration in Malaysia is really easy. You just have to know some simple steps and rules. But there are businesses that have universal demands. Following are some of the small business ideas in Japan you can try to start.

Call Center Business

You can also plan a call center here in Japanese cities with affordable capital involvement. The location of the call center is no more important since none is coming to visit you. You can locate anywhere suitably ensuring adequate space around 125 to 150 square feet per seat is ideal to comfortably operate the jobs concerned.

Additionally, you need to keep the noise level to a permissible standard 40 to 50 dB as standard for workplaces. As to equipment, you can choose either the Standard switched-circuit traditional telephone lines or Voice over Internet Protocol is VoIP.

Social Marketing 

Managing social media platforms is a very promising business with a reasonably minimum investment. In this business, know-how is more important than investments.

Most of the corporate and business houses, small or big, maintain a presence online i.e. on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitters etc. Opening individual fan pages, the business communities inter-act or communicate with customers, visitors to introducing and increasing sell of their products and services.

Businesses hire agencies to manage their own fan pages instead of managing by themselves, following their guidelines. The reason is this is around the clock job as visitors are visiting the pages whenever they like.

Sometimes some design or animation jobs are required to be done marking some special events organized by the businesses in these platforms. So, some good visualizers are also to be employed to support the clients well.

You need a decent office with some computer work stations having high-speed internet connectivity to handle the business. Now a day, social media marketing is the best of small business ideas in Japan and any country being online world.

Online Retailing

Japanese are no less busy than the peoples in other developed countries. Online shopping is very popular in Japan side by side with brick & mortar.

If you could stuff your online store with wide range of quality goods at very competitive prices, you can start a business in Japan with good prospects. You should have a user-friendly web site ensuring ease in maneuverability with prompt delivery commitments to increase visitors and sales as well.

Fan pages in various social platforms of your stores would help your new online store introduced to the communities. You also need to update your inventory regularly to increasing click rates. The more the click rates the more the chances of concluding deals.

In maintaining long lists of inventories without too many investments you need to come into agreements with manufacturers to sell their products in your store. Once goods are sold you pay them back.

Real estate brokerage

In any rapidly growing economy, the real estate industry booms like wild and Japan is no exception. Peoples are looking for suitable apartments, office spaces, virtual offices etc.

You can work as media to renting properties to selling against certain kickbacks. In doing so, you should have good connections with the property owners and sound information on properties for rent or sale to negotiating.

 Business Advisory services

 It’s a consulting business for business peoples. As more and more foreigners are becoming aware of the huge business prospects in Japan, new businesses by foreigners are fast developing here in this part of the world.

Well, overseas investors are more or less facing the challenge of adapting to the business climate in Japan and connecting well with customers.

Being a business consultant, your job is to help these businesses achieve their goals quickly by offering them expert advice on how to form a business entity in Japan, how to catch customers, increase sales, and stay float amid tough competition.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is slowly but steadily substituting the pharmaceutical sectors in Japan like China and India. It becomes a thriving business here in Japan as more and more people are getting involved with this.

That being so, Japan is now experiencing a huge demand for natural health practitioners as well as herbal medicine products in the world. If you are excelling in the subjects of Ayurveda and herbal treatments, then starting a business with alternative medicines and treatments in Japan would most probably be highly rewarding. Herbal medicine is not costly as small business ideas in Japan considering a low investment.

Ink refilling

Printers and copiers are everywhere, from homes to shops to offices. Replacing your empty printer or copier cartridges every time they run out is not only costly in terms of money, but also costly in terms of environmental pollution.

Modern digital cities are prone to pollutions, this way or that way. Refilling of ink and toner cartridges can save consumers money and the environment from the pollution of wastes. To start a refilling business you need a very negligible amount of capital and can be home-based.

Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center engages representatives to answer and monitor calls from around the world, instead of being in the same areas as each other, or as the business.

Virtual call center business assisting businesses by responding and recording incoming customer service or technical calls, without the investment required to install a dedicated in-house staff. Virtual call center business can be started quickly and with low costs, but promises significant levels of income.

This type of business can be operated from home serving local clients as well as remote clients through the internet. All you need are, a computer, fax, printer, good quality, and a multi-line phone or virtual phone system.

Automated Vending

Location and inventories are important for this type of business. An automated vending machine or dispenser, indeed, requiring minimal supervision and can go without you.

What you need is to check the inventories time to time You need to install these in areas that experience sizable crowds and stuffed them with products and consumables that usually required by the people on the move. In modern vending machines, not only the drinks or snacks are sold, but products like perfumes, books and magazines, movie tickets, shoes and clothes are too on sale.


Owning a house means a long list of things to fix, improve and put together. Finding time to have all these done is a problem for most of the city dwellers. Well, you may be able to budget some time to do these by yourself but may lack the knowledge of fixing all the jobs concerned.

Here you can come to the rescue of struggling home-owners as a Handyman, provided you have the well-rounded knowledge of how to fix things. It’s a great business with minimum startup costs and you can do it on a part-time basis too.

What you need is contacts in and around the locality. Once reputed and comfortable with the job, you can focus on commercial offices too.  This is one of the small business ideas in Japan may choice by local and/ or foreign investors.

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