Advantage of Virtual office rent Hong Kong

Advantage of Virtual office rent Hong Kong

With each passing year, we are becoming more and more digitized. Everything we do is now determined by our technology. It has come down to the point where even our businesses are digitized and we use technology more than ever to conduct those businesses.

In recent times, having an office does not mean you need to have a big spaced out room where all the members of your staff are present and the boss is barking orders. With the help of technology, we have seen the introduction of virtual offices and they have been quickly making their presence known in the busy city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is famed for being the business center of Asia. Almost every other day there is a new business opening up in this great city and more and more people are looking to get into the Hong Kong market. As the number of business rises, the usage of virtual offices is also on the increase.

More companies are not renting out virtual offices and successfully carrying out their day to day businesses. With all that being said, let us look at some of the advantages the virtual office rent provides the daily businessmen of Hong Kong.

  1. No time wasted commuting- One of the most demotivating factors about going go to work is the long hours wasted on the road commuting. With the virtual office, nobody really has to leave their home. They can sit behind their computers at home and work for as long as they need. This saves a considerable amount of time and rather it increases the productivity of the workers.
  2. Employees are active- In a traditional office; workers are spending around 6-7 hours behind their desks with little or no productivity. It is a well-known fact that when people are freer to move around they work better. In a virtual office, the employees have this freedom. They can get their work assigned online and get it done with more energy running through their bodies.
  3. Worldwide labor force-The advantage of not having a physical office is that all your workers are working from home. They are all present when needed via online means.
    This helps the company to secure workers from all around the globe. You may find an employee who lives half way around the world but he or she is the only one skilled enough to met your client’s needs. This is extra helpful when running a business in Hong Kong.
    Since there are so many foreign businessmen from around the globe, they can hire their own countrymen for special projects without having to have them fly across the oceans.
  4. Less money spent on technology- Most companies provide computers to their workers and not every one of them is comfortable using the company machines.
    In a virtual office, every employee is responsible for bringing their own gadgets. Also, in order to set up a virtual workspace, all you need is a couple of technology such as dedicated internet lines, telephones, a few laptops and webcams.
    All these are significantly cheaper to buy than renting out a whole floor in Hong Kong where the rent is extremely high.
  5. Diversify your business- Business opportunities in Hong Kong are almost endless. Every now and then you hear a new kind of business picking up the pace and you may want to move into that. Having a virtual office in Hong Kong gives you that much flexibility.
    You can always carry on with your existing business but if you want to try something new then all you need is a new set of telephones and a different networking system to connect your new clients to your new workforce.
    It may sound too complicated but it is much easier than buying or renting out a new floor to conduct your business operations in.
  6. Less stress managing employees- The most significant aspect of a virtual work space is the managing of your employees. In Hong Kong, the rents of apartments are very high and thus most of the regular workers live away from the city center.
    Commuting to and fro to work is a big problem for them. Getting stuck in traffic is a common excuse. As a result, most employers will complain that they are either shouting at their employees or yelling to see who is present and who isn’t.
    In a virtual office, this won’t be a problem. All you have to do is log into your company network and see who is online and who isn’t. You can even assign all the work on the network and each worker can take care of their duties by looking at the roster duty.
    No worker can say that they were late for a meeting or they missed the work orders. In fact, the virtual office rent actually makes everyone more self-dependent and efficient.

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