Small business ideas in Hong Kong

Small business ideas in Hong Kong

An idea can change life; we have discussed some small business ideas in Hong Kong for the local and foreign investors. Hong Kong is one of the most popular and known business hubs of the world. The Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is very much business-friendly place in the world. It ranks 4th in the Ease of Business and 3rd in the Starting Business indices of World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2017, out of 190 world nations. It has the infrastructure, technology and highly skilled human resources that a business could dream about.

However, Hong Kong being one of the costliest destinations of the world, businesses are not that much small to start with. Keeping in mind all the resources and constraints that Hong Kong could offer, the following businesses can be tried here with reasonably minimum capital investments. Hong Kong enjoys very peculiar advantages in developing a product.

Business peoples in Hong Kong make goods in factories located in mainland China at very cheaper prices in any volume and have their own names or brand logos on these to market around the world. This means without investing in a factory they still have their merchandise according to their requirements as and when necessary. There are many advantages of setting up a business in Hong Kong. Try there to setup a business.

It has become a custom almost to source different items for trading from Hong Kong because of sleek designs and competitive prices. Amongst these are Electronics, Travel kits, Toys, Kitchen-wares, Clothes etc.

Buying Agent

It’s a very good business without minimal investment as far as Hong Kong is concerned. What you need is an office and contacts with different manufacturing units in mainland China. Peoples from around the world step in Hong Kong for purchasing cheap merchandise in wholesale quantity may be in their own name or as these are.

There are peoples may not be able to travel down to Hong Kong to source for products. You can fruitfully work as media or agent to work in between linking buyers with the makers against specific percentage of commissions.


You can start manufacturing Video and Audio devices for home and professional uses like TVs, Home theatres, Music Systems etc. In case initial capital investment seems high enough to manage, you can look for OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] companies that make to order various electronic devices and equipment in any volume in the name or brand you would be willing to market.

If the products are of the high standard you can export these to different parts of the world or can sell through online marketing platforms.

Bags and Accessories

Perhaps, one of the most popular and hot selling items that Hong Kong made so far. Peoples coming to Hong Kong from around the world love to buy travel bags, office bags and cases. This again you can too export since bags and cases made in Hong Kong have high demands around the world. You can either make these by yourself if not can source these from OEM with your brand names on.

Apart from bags and cases, you also can make accessories like Waist belts, Straps for wristwatches, Buttons, Zippers, Buckles, etc. in the same way for export and for local sellers.

Clothes and Shoes

Another two hot items are peoples love to source from Hong Kong. These are comparatively cheaper, rich in design but of the high standard. You yourself can make these for local and export markets or can have those manufactured in suitable Chinese factories.

Tablets, Cell Phones

These hand-held personal devices are very much in the hands of majority peoples around the globe. The demands of these devices are on the rise as the users are and no one knows where these will end. Hong Kong, more specifically China is traditionally rich in the manufacturing technology of these personal devices.

China is the country that can offer a single product at different price points from Bridge to Budget. Using OEM approach, you can have these made in China very competitively in your name or in the names of your ultimate customers in Hong Kong or in other parts of the world.

Business peoples in developing countries use to source these items from China through businessmen Hong Kong and sell them in their countries in their own name. Tablets, cell phone selling, exporting, importing is another small business plan in Hong Kong.


Toys made in Hong Kong are famous in the world. So to say, Toys from Hong Kong occupies the shelves of the stores around the world because of its innovative design and competitive prices. You can also venture one producing plastic and electronic toys for kids.


Accessories for Phones and Computers are in high demand around the world. The market of these stretched from urban to rural areas. In case you don’t have enough money to become a manufacturer but you still want to go into manufacturing, then there is an opportunity for you in the phone and computer accessories manufacturing industry. You can manufacture earphones, phone and tablet cases, mouse and trackpads, keyboards, batteries and other accessories to sell without any boundaries and limitations.

Travel Agency 

A huge number of tourists visit Hong Kong every month who can be served by hotel reservations, buying a ticket, offering tour package, guide, supplying necessary as the demand for tourists.

Freight Forwarding

Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world. You can start a business of freight forwarding to handle the cargos of your client for commissions. A lot of business people buy things from Hong Kong and they want cheap, easy and guaranteed shipping which they may not have access to over the internet but you can provide it for them.

Apps Developer

Cell phone apps are very hot items now a day. Cell phone makers and network operators are frequently buying these for their ultimate customers. Because of the demands, this industry is growing day by day.  You can develop apps by yourself.

In case you don’t have the expertise but ideas, you can still easily outsource these communicating the ideas to develop the apps for you. This is growing small business ideas in Hong Kong and many investors like to start same business.

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