Problems to live in Hong Kong

Problems to live in Hong Kong

In terms of doing business, Hong Kong probably is the best there is in the whole of Asia. The amazing tax benefits, easy business set up the process, large consumer base and the government support are all the factors that make Hong Kong the business hub of Asia. However, once you move away from the business activity of Hong Kong there are some problems that one may face while staying there. In other words, there are quite a number of problems when considering living in Hong Kong. We have compiled a list of all the problems a non-Hong Kong resident may have to face while living in that country.

High rent- There is a lot of options when it comes to living in Hong Kong. Every week there is a new building being built and apartments are popping up every now and then. However, the rents charged in such apartments are extraordinarily high. If you are the kind of person who has recently moved to Hong Kong, then such a high rate will for sure discourage you into living here.

Too tiny apartments- While the rent of the apartments and rooms are very high, they are also very small in size. Since there is an influx of people coming to Hong Kong to conduct their business, the real estate agencies went ahead with building multiple rooms all cramped into one floor. This is a big problem for people who may want to live in bigger and open rooms. There are quite a few bigger houses available in the city but those are built in the late 80s or 90s meaning all the facilities over there are of poor quality and not up to the modern living standards.

Humid Summers- This is a big problem for most of the people coming to Hong Kong from the western part of the globe. While the weather in Hong Kong is all around great, the summers are terrible. It is too hot and the humidity reaches extremely high. It becomes almost impossible to spend days outdoors. The whole concept of summer time is spending quality time outdoors with friends and family. But in Hong Kong, it is the opposite. The humidity forces people to stay indoors most of the time. Summer is also the time for typhoons in Hong Kong. While the city is incredibly built to endure such harsh weathers, it becomes a big hassle for people when typhoon hits. Your daily routine can be disrupted and that can be very annoying.

Supermarket Options- Arguably the most unusual problem one would face while living in Hong Kong is dealing with supermarkets. The products over there are significantly priced higher than anywhere else in the world. American products are priced beyond purchasing power while Australian brands are priced highly too. But that’s not the only problem with supermarkets. The lack of options in these big named supermarkets is also staggering. You will barely find alternatives which may end up being quite frustrating for people trying to start a new life in Hong Kong. On the other hand, the local products are priced reasonably but if you are somebody coming into Hong Kong for the first time, getting used to their local cuisine will be very difficult. Their Chinese food products still contain MSGs, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

Language Barrier- The most difficult thing to deal with while living in a new country would be the language barrier. Similarly, Hong Kong has the same problem. The most used languages in this country are Mandarin and Cantonese. With the influx of Chinese businessmen, those two languages are also preferred to successfully conduct business with them. English speakers are very less so if communicating with them will be a huge problem. It would be wise to brush up on your Cantonese and Mandarin before heading over to Hong Kong. Not only will it help to communicate better but also impress the local businessmen.

 No reasonably priced furniture- This is one of those problems that won't be a big factor for expats with a decent income. But if you are already living on a budget then you may have to keep this in mind while moving to Hong Kong. The furniture found in Hong Kong is very expensive. Yes, you can pretty much customize anything you want in your own mold but they come at a cost. If you do not customize your furniture then you have to deal with the old worn out furniture that is provided in your homes. If you search hard enough then you may end up finding stores that sell cheap furniture but those are of the poorest quality. The bottom line is, if you want something good, you need to pay up!

Living in Hong Kong isn’t all that bad especially if you are looking to do business. However, the above-mentioned points are some of the most frequently talked about problems among expats. If you can get around them, then you will be having quite a good time with your business.

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