10 profitable small business opportunities in Singapore

What is it like to set your own business in Singapore? Did you ever wonder what could be some of the most profitable small business opportunities in Singapore? Before hopping directly into small business ideas in this country, let’s get some knowledge about Singapore first.

Singapore is one of a blooming destination for varieties businesses opportunities. Due to its strategic geographic location, the nation enjoys huge trade exchanges with the world. Moreover, the nation gets a big portion of its revenue from tourist sector. Singapore put all its technological, political, logistic and social efforts to keep this sector get going strong and popular.

The nation turned out to be a strong competitor among other trade sharks in the business world. The consecutive progress on trade and commerce in last 10 years were noticeable and private limited company Singapore. The World Bank has well recognized Singapore and ranked the country for its ease of conducting various businesses. According to the World Bank, Singapore has been ranked as one of the strongest economy in South Asia as well as in the world.

So, when the scenario of the nation is this impressive, you must be wondering what business can go profitable when started small in Singapore. What are the needs for setting up a business here? To resolve all these enquiries, we have put 10 profitable small business opportunities in Singapore in this article, which you may like to review before you finally make a firm decision to roll on with our chosen idea.

Another aspect you should be aware about, and that is, whatever venture you would like to go for in Singapore, at the end, all it needs is patience, good market analysis and meeting company incorporation processes.

Reminding you that Singapore has one of the easiest business incorporation processes for all entrepreneurs. So, with no further delay, here are the 10 profitable small business opportunities in Singapore:

Digital marketing

The world is going digital, so is Singapore, more and more businesses are going virtual as the days are passing by. Even the marketing strategy has its own space in digital world. This is called digital marketing.

Here to setup this business, you literally don’t need any big capital. All it requires are a laptop, high speed internet, knowledge on SEO and SEM and content development skills and singapore imports and exports. If you have all this in your grip, you are good to go with the business in Singapore.

The advantages didn’t stop in that point. Digital marketing can be done absolutely remotely from any part of the Singapore or the world. The resources are all online basis. There is no need of physical office needed. Although a physical office for your digital market firm can be an added advantage though.

Cleaning service

The residents of Singapore love to keep their home and nation clean. They take every possible step to prevent contaminations and pollutions. When a nation is so much self conscience and hygiene oriented, cleaning service naturally seem to have great prospective here. 

If you are planning to set a business on cleaning service in Singapore, you are on the right path. This business have great subsidy from the Singapore government. The demand for private home cleaning service to office cleaning service is pretty good. 

This business however, demands workforce expertise in cleaning business, and right tools, machineries and kits. If your business proves to be an efficient one in this sector, your small business will bloom in a very short period of time.

Restaurant and pub business

Restaurant and pub business have a never-ending demand in Singapore. Travelers and business people all around the world gather here either for spending their vacations or for corporate purposes. The restaurant here offers intercontinental delicacies. Multicultural foods always have great demands in Singapore.

When mentioned tourist culture in this nation, pub business also seem to have great demands in this country. It also plays a supporting role next to the restaurant business. Both foreign consumers and natives seem to enjoy their time in pubs during their leisure hours.

Night club

A lucrative sector you can choose for earning is night club business. Thousands of tourists seek their leisure destination in Singapore's night clubs. Even the locals are very much fond of this exotic facility during their free hours.

However, one thing that has to be kept in mind is that, such facilities demand a big capital at initial stage. Don’t expect people to come to your night club and spend money on nothing. You must have to have proper facilities, environments, and entertainments to attract maximum crowds. So, if you have such idea and capital, you are welcome to set this business in Singapore.

Agriculture business

Singapore gives a great emphasis on growing organic crops in the nation. As the country has limited land to carry out agriculture, the country came out with hi tech agricultural process. The nation is very familiar with precision agriculture, biological agriculture, and horticulture and aquaponics techniques.

If you are familiar with such agricultural processes, and can relate yourself to excel in this business, you are most welcome to establish your small business on this in Singapore. The capital for such business is relatively low. All it need is strong knowledge, patience, sense of punctuality and care for the crops you are intended to put up to the local market.

Catering service

People in Singapore nowadays have very little time to invest on cooking food at home. Such corporate life doesn’t mean that social life is over in this country. People in this country love their cuisine and glad to eat their meals with family and friends.

When this is the case, the cravings for good cooked cuisine promoted the catering business in Singapore. Catering services are booming and has a great demand in this country. If you are skilled in cooking and understand local tests and food business, you can easily start a catering business in this country.

Another thing you need to keep in mind and that is you have to come up with food quality. Maintaining Hygienic environment while preparing the food for your clients is mandatory. Once the test and hygiene factors are up to the market you are good to go with this profitable small business opportunities in Singapore.

Healthcare services

Singapore is already well reputed for their world class healthcare services. The nation has some best in the class healthcare hospitals and research center. Every year many visitors travel in this country to seek relatively low cost health care service. Setting up venture related to healthcare in this nation may sounds complex, and yes, it is relatively difficult to catch this opportunity here.

You need to have several approvals from local health authorities. However, if you are already related to this business and want to stick with health care tools and utensils business, than the permits are relatively easy. If you have a good idea on health care sector, and have relevant profession, you can also try to join the medical research teams, which again has a great demand and prospective in Singapore.

Laundry business

When people in the society are too busy running businesses, and progressing with the economy, no one has sufficient time to do their own laundry. This basic needs seem hassle for many. When this is so, laundry business seems to have great opportunity in Singapore. The core responsibility in this business is to wash, dry wash and iron client’s clothing.

Although the overall investment in this business is low, the main investment here comes at the beginning of the business. If you are interested to set this business, you have to buy laundry related machineries, such as a quality washing machine, iron, and other secondary utilities to do the job done.

Once you have all the equipments ready, you have to open a proper laundry shop, so that people know where you give services. Rest lies on your washing and ironing expertise. If the service is satisfactory, Singapore can bring you a good fortune with such little investments from this small business idea.

Translation service

This piece of business idea in this is very much unique and linear. That is, you just need to be an interpreter. In Singapore, language barrier seems to be a problem for non Singapore expats. The nation also huddles up thousands of foreigners each year for business or casual tourist purposes. At that time language difference often turns to be an issue for many of those individuals.

Translation service comes into action at that time. This business can give you easy earnings as it has a very strong demand in Singapore. You are expected to be interpreting in various business arenas, or for individuals on demand. The skill here needed is knowledge of understanding and speaking multi languages, also known as polyglot.

Electronic product business

Electronic utilities, home appliances, gadgets and goodies have great demand in Singapore. The market for electronics is big in this nation. Whether electronic product manufacturing, or selling reputed electronic goods, for both cases Singapore keeps their option open for business. As this is all about small business opportunities in Singapore, trade on electronic products seem to be a great deal for new business entrepreneurs.

Lastly, if you are one of the entrepreneurs ready to rumble with your profitable small business opportunities in Singapore, try  to stick with you plan and remember  that you can always set any of those corporate venture mentioned above, all it need is right skill, right time, sufficient assets and strong determination.


What are the most successful businesses in Singapore?

Following are the top 5 most successful business in Singapore:

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Courier service
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Electronics business
  5. Aviation industries

What business is profitable in Singapore?

Following are 5 profitable businesses in Singapore:

  1. Tours a travel business
  2. Cleaning service
  3. Financial service
  4. Content writing and blogging service
  5. Freight service

How do I start a business in Singapore?

To know the detail business setup processes in Singapore visit the link which explains all about Business registration process in Singapore.

What products are in demand in Singapore?

Products which are of great demands in Singapore are as follows:

  • Electronic appliances and gadgets
  • Medical equipments
  • Medical research items
  • Daily home consumables
  • Agricultural products

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