Company Formation in Malaysia Cost, Steps, Requirement

Company Formation in Malaysia Cost, Steps, Requirement

It is easy for foreigners, locals to open a Sdn Bhd company, register a foreign company & full process of company formation in Malaysia. There are some benefits of registration a company in Malaysia for foreigners.

Company formation in Malaysia cost, fee and requirement

Latest information of company formation

Non-resident director & a Malaysian shall take a quick note from a consultant starting a company formation process. As other relevant licensing cost, time & requirement should be clear to begin the steps.

Company formation meaning

We are considering company formation is including a limited, partnership, proprietorship company incorporation. Representative of the company shall apply for other business license to begin a business lawfully in Malaysia.

Require documents of company formation

  1. Passport copies/ IC of the director
  2. Basic information about address, contact number & email.
  3. Malaysian residence address (manage somehow or appoint a local nominee director)
  4. Share allocation of the company along with value of share declaration
  5. Non-bankruptcy declaration

Company formation cost

  1. Name registration is a part of Malaysia company formation & cost is amounting RM50 (for each name)
  2. Sdn Bhd Malaysia company formation fee RM1050-1100.
  3. Consultancy service fee RM 1000-1500
  4. Secretary FEE RM 360-1200 (12 months)
  5. Bank account open service fee RM500 (or FREE)
  6. Signboard & premise licensing cost Ringgit 1200-Ringgit 1400
  7. Import export licensing cost RM3000 (this is not government fee)
  8. WRT license cost is RM3000 (this is not a government fee). WRT license is not applicable if any local Malaysian is shareholder of Sdn Bhd company.
  9. Annual company maintenance cost amounting RM 4000 to RM 5000 (this is an assumption). The director of the company shall carry out annual expenses (does/ does not begin the business).

Information of other relevant cost of company registration in Malaysia.

Malaysia Company Registration Steps

Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company Registration is flexible to operate, maintain as foreigner & local director. There are some advantages in sole proprietorship company formation only eligible for local person.

Limited Liability is Sdn Bhd in Malay language is the best choice for foreigners as others are not eligible. Limited company formation in Malaysia is one option for service, manufacture, trade & export import business to start-up.

To complete a company formation takes 1-2 days if no issue is available from SSM officer & no name get rejection. 2nd name should replace if first one is not available, paying of Ringgit 50.

Registration Company in Malaysia as foreigner

Steps of limited registration company in Malaysia are as follows:

  1. One name registration from 3 proposed companies
  2. Submit required documents to SSM by company secretary (COSEC)
  3. Pay online for name & Malaysia company registration
  4. Collect register SSM copies

Register foreign company in Malaysia

Registering foreign company in Malaysia it is a requirement of 1 director he/ she will hold shares of own company. There is not a requirement to hire/ appoint a local director to open Sdn Bhd company (terms & conditions apply).

Branch office of parent company formation in Malaysia is not a comfortable method as practical beneficial perspectives. Anyway foreigners can register foreign branch office in Malaysia through SSM & MIDA.

Open Sdn Bhd in Malaysia

Foreigner can open Sdn Bhd company by investment capital amounting RM 1 (one). In terms of retail business it is a requirement of equity investment in the company RM 1 million (T&C apply).

Guideline of Company Formation in Malaysia

Other Steps of Company Formation

How long require to complete a company formation?

To complete company incorporation takes 2-3 working days. Name registration takes 1 day if it is available. To complete a company formation in Malaysia needs 2 days unless any other relevant licensing is required.

What are other cost after company formation?

There are some other fees must consider after company formation 1. Submission of annual return to SSM 2. Prepare management accounts & audit 3. Filing income tax to LHDN 4. Renew business licenses. Total average yearly cost is amounting RM4000-5000.

How many director are required?

As law, one director (who is holding shares of the company) is required in a Sdn Bhd company.

Do I need local director as partner?

No, it is not compulsory of local shareholder to register company in Malaysia. Company formation is possible when foreign shareholder hold 100% of shares of company.

How much paid up capital is required to form a trading company?

Well, to form a trading company in Malaysia Ringgit 2000-3000 paid up capital is ok unless apply for ESD registration.

How much paid-up capital is required for export import company formation?

We recommend to keep paid up capital of the company RM 2000-5000 for completion of formation a company in Malaysia.




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