Accounting Service in Ghana

Accounting Service in Ghana

Ranging from the capital city of Accra to the municipalities of Madina, there are exactly seventy accounting firms registered in Ghana as of April 2021.  However, despite this high number, each conglomerate has a particular specialty in rendering their services to the public.

Accounting Service in Ghana

That being said, the online service Upwork also - in recent times - grown to possess a large database of professionals in the country.  As these are freelancers, their fees are often at discounted prices with a closer eye on inspection for the hopes of renewed contracts.

The eight companies listed below are examples of such services:

  • Champs Consult and Business Advisory Consulting Agency.
  • AGE Accounting & Taxation.
  • Internet Company.
  • Sparrow Business Consult.
  • Computerized Accounting Systems & Accounting Software Solutions.
  • Benport Consult.
  • Obbey’s Consulting Service Ghana.
  • QuickBooks Guy_Ghana.

In reports, financial statements must include the following Statements:

  • Statement of Financial Position.
  • Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income.
  • Statement of Distribution.
  • Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Statement of Changes in Shareholder’s Funds.

All companies registered in Ghana are subjected to regular audits.


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