Accounting Services Mauritius with Reasonable Fees

Accounting services have always been important, but have become an essential need over the last century.  High-profile individuals have often infamously found themselves embroiled in controversy if it is discovered their finances have not been truthfully or adequately reported to their respective internal revenue services.

Mauritius is no different.

The predominant accounting firm in the nation would be the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants: this shall be abbreviated as MIPA for the remainder of this article. 

Founded in 2005, the conglomerate has amassed more than a staggering three thousand registered professional accountants.  These men and women have majoritively obtained international qualifications, providing financial incentives to prospective members. 

Despite current worldwide circumstances, MIPA remains unusually proactive as fresh registrations as well as renewal contracts are typically processed in less than a month.

On average, accountants receive a seven percent [7%] increment rate every twenty-eight [28] months which proves to be a tremendous financial incentive to embark on this - quite obviously - lucrative career.

In this post-COVID world, there has been an abundance of individual highly trained and experienced accountants who have turned freelance.  These men and women provide consistent communication and a lower financial cost at a noticeable increase in the quality of their work. 

For individuals or a start-up company looking to attain accounting services in Mauritius, this current option is not only viable but is heavily recommended.

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