K2 Visa Application Process - Requirements & Eligibility

K2 is a visa type is taken from their parents where the American parent as applied a K-1 visa type for their partner.  The K2 visa type can be taken if the partner is applying for a K-1 visa for their foreign partner. The K2 visa is for the couple to bring their children along with them.

The American petitioner should make sure that the child is registered under the I-129F petition. After the marriage of the parents the child needs to be filled in a separate form I-485.

The child can travel with parent who as applied for K1 visa. If the parent is travelling anywhere and wishes to bring take their children along with them, then they can gladly do so. They can also study in the U.S once they have reached there.

Eligibility to Apply for K2 Visa Type

  • The foreign spouse who has been applied for their K1 visa type, only they can apply a K2 visa for their children.
  • The child or children should be 21 or under 21
  • The children under K1 parents should not be married.

FAQ - Questionnaire

What is a K2 visa?

It is a foreign spouse who has applied for a K1 visa applies for their children in K-2 visa so that they can accompany with them to the U.S.

Can the K2 visa children travel with their parents out of U.S?

Yes, they can travel with their parents out of U.S.

Are there age restrictions for a child to apply the K2 visa?

Yes, the child should be under age 21 and unmarried to be eligible enough to apply the visa.

Can they continue their education after coming to U.S?

The U.S government has given the authority for K 2 visa children to continue their education.

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