Applying for a U.S Visa When Working in Qatar

Applying for a U.S Visa When Working in Qatar

U.S.A is a country comprised of 50 states- making it an ideal travel location for anyone as it will have something in store for everyone’s tastes. Whether you want to go on an adventurous trekking trip or a glorious shopping spree, the US is perfect for you.

 As a foreign national living and working in Qatar, you may be wondering what the visa application process may entail for you. To some, the process would seem long, drawn out and complex. But not to worry, with our help at S & F Consulting, we ensure that we put your happiness and your comfort first. As officially registered agents in Qatar, we can submit all documents and take up the work on your behalf, this is to make sure that your journey is as easy and stress free as possible. So, while we do the needful, we urge you to sit back and relax.

Below is a guideline we have made that you may follow to familiarize yourself with what the process entails.

Steps to obtaining a U.S visa from Qatar

Step One

Make certain as to what type of visa you require, since the US has a visa waiver program, it would be best to confirm if your country of origin falls under this list. You may check here.

If your country of origin is in this list, then you do not need a U.S visa to enter the country if the purpose of the visit falls under either business or leisure.

Step Two

Complete the DS-160 application form and submit it along with a recent photograph of yourself (has to have been taken within the past 6 months)

Step Three

After completing the form, collect the number it generates as this is used to book your appointment, you will then be directed to a new page to create an account to pay for the visa fee. The visa fee is generally $160 for a tourist visa, but may increase for any additional staying options.

Step Four

After you have made your payment, you will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

Step Five

Using the same account details, log into your account and schedule your appointment. You will need the following details for this step:

  • Your passport number
  • The number given after you submitted the form DS-160
  • The transaction number from your payment receipt
  • Personal details
  • Address for the delivery of documents
  • Confirmation of visa payment
  • Date and time for an appointment.

Step Six

For this step, you will need to visit the U.S Embassy in Qatar on the date and time of your scheduled appointment. You will then have to attend a visa interview.

Step Seven

Once your visa is approved, you will be asked to collect it from the U.S Embassy building.

To conclude, the process towards getting a visa to the U.S may seem fairly convoluted, however, once you narrow down exactly what type of visa you need, the process becomes much simpler. Here at S&F Consulting, we pride ourselves on being officially registered agents in Qatar, who can submit and fulfill all the needful proceedings on your behalf in order for you to obtain your visa to the U.S. If you still have any apprehensive feelings regarding this, feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service agents. The best part is that all advice offered is free of charge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

The cost of the individual visa may vary depending on the type, but the most commonly issued and applied for one, costs $160

How long will this take?

The process can take up to 14 business days

Why should I choose S & F Consulting?

S & F Consulting acts as registered agents for anyone in Qatar that need documents and proceedings done on their behalf. We pride ourselves on simplifying otherwise complicated legal procedures in order for you to have an easy and fulfilling journey in Qatar whether it be employment or otherwise. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us as we believe in placing your happiness and success at the forefront.


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