Business for Sale in Mauritius

Business for Sale in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful place and got a reputation among the tourists and every year large numbers of people visit this country. Mauritius is also an ideal place for the foreigners to start a business and it is also possible for the foreigners to start the business with 100% foreign ownership and this required minimum capital investment.

To start some business in Mauritius requires some procedure to follow and this includes to determine the type of company, name registration, registration of commercial activity and also pay the required fees. This registration procedure must be completed at the register office.

Then the owner has to get the necessary license and permits and also fix the VAT and Tax related issues.

However, for the purchase of an existing business, one may be relieved from some of the procedures mentioned above. In this article, we are going to discuss the business for Sale in Mauritius.

Drinks business for sale in Mauritius

The beverage is popular among all demographics of people and if the beverage shop is located in a busy shopping mall then this may be a great opportunity for the investor.

One may purchase beverage shop in Mauritius located in a busy shopping mall such as Port Louis area with the investment of $230,000.

This price may include all the furniture’s, fixtures, inventories and also the stocks. Beverage shop may be the ideal investment for the foreigners and this may provide granted revenue of $100k to 250k per year.

This is because the beverage shop located in a busy shopping mall in Port Louis area may have existing customers and also have the possibility of future expansion.

However, there should also have the utility bills for the business and that should be less than RS 25k per month.

For operating the business one should have three fully independent employs and they should know-how procedure and also the trademarks, stock, and equipment etc.

Fast Food business for sale in Mauritius

The fast-food business in Mauritius requires the fast food franchise license and one should have the shop with the license with the investment of Rs 2.5 million and become the owner of the first flagship store.

The benefits of the first store are, this place going to be owned and managed by the master license holder and also used for the training of the employees.

However, the food quality of the shop should be good and the shop should be easy to run. Additionally, it is better for the shop should have a worldwide presence and also have the presence in local shopping malls in Mauritius and African countries.

Boat Charter Business for sale in Mauritius

Boat charter is popular among the tourist and also to the locals in Mauritius as the country is surrounding by the oceans.

There are many boat charter businesses for sale in Mauritius and one may buy such a company with a price of Euro 2,000,000 with the furniture, fixtures and with the entire required inventory.

This price may include as low as 10 boats with genuine good quality and also comes with the commercial license for the boat up and running.

The standard of the company should be European and also contains trained staff members. The location of the business should be in popular are, where lots of tourist visits such as Port Louise.

The price should cover the relationship price with all the major hotels in the area, contracts with the taxi drivers, online booking with major sites, in-house kitchen and food preparation team members and also a fleet of vehicles.

The property requires 35 employees for operation and generates euro 500k to 1 million.

Other business for sale in Mauritius

There are different types of business that are also for sale in Mauritius and hotel business in one of them.

One may buy a decent restaurant with an investment of $50,000and this price also includes the cost of furniture and fixtures.

The location of the restaurant is Port Louis area and one may easily generate revenue of $ 100k to 250k from this type of establishment. The environment of the restaurant is quite comfortable and the food ranges got various options based on the customer’s choices.

A number of employee requirement for these types of setup is four personnel and new employer requires one month’s training for doing the job.

One may also go for investment in Software Company and by a small company with a price of $650 and may generate revenue of $100k to 250k.

These types of companies may develop software such as accounting software, payroll software and the business should have existing clients with a good reputation in the market.

Additionally, one may also invest in pharmacy and there are many of these types of business for sale in Mauritius are available.

The investment is approx five million and above and there is the huge potentiality of generating higher revenue from these types of business.


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