Business for sale Malaysia

Buy business is an advantage as a buyer to start business immediately without hassle free especially for the nonresident shareholders. Many offers of business for sale Malaysia notice by the buyer but what are the price and conditions indeed? Is it reasonable or higher price, is it trustworthy? Many questions might come in ques but still investors buying the ready company. Which business are you looking for,

  1. Running business
  2. Dormant business
  3. Shut down business?

Which one is the best for you can read our below information to clear your ideas?

Business for sale Malaysia

Business for sale Malaysia

Running company: Suddenly find business name has been changed of a company in signboard although business is running. When knowing the information that owner has been changed mean, business has been sold out and the new owner came in position. Staffs, office decoration, production etc are remaining same after changing ownership. The customer does not feel uncomfortable to go with new ownership business as it seems all are ok and nothing changes expect owner.  This business for sale Malaysia is costly to buy as running a business and count the revenue changing policy.

Dormant business:

  1. The company has been registered and maybe not updated the annual return but still, a business can be run when like.
  2. Sometimes a company is updated as the annual return is submitted yearly but no business activities. No. 2 is a very good company and right choice to buy it gets available.

Shut down company: Business was started and papers are updated but due to the failure of business policy company has been closed with no bank liability. Business has loss and profit and some investors get a loss for many reasons and plan to close business. No tax and papers are updated like old machine kept in the garage.

Sdn Bhd company for sale in Malaysia

Yes, do you like to buy Sdn Bhd, how to set up a company in Malaysia as a foreigner? SDN BHD company for sale in Malaysia is going on by reasonable cost, RM 5000 to RM 10,000. Foreign entrepreneurs feel interested to buy a shelf company to save time and are hassle-free. It might be more than 100 to 300 companies are registered daily by SSM. To get proposed company name approval in Malaysia is not easier as unavailability rate is higher. The very luckily proposed name is approved at a time if vacant. Company registration Malaysia is an easier process if proposed name is approved first.

Steps of SDN BHD company formation:

  1. Business name approval
  2. Company registration supporting papers submission to SSM for incorporation
  3. Sign Board and Premise license
  4. WRT (5) Export and import license
  5. EPF and SOCSO
  6. ESD registration
  7. Visa application

Advantages to buying ready SDN BHD company:

  1. Ready means its ready registered company, SDN BHD with a ready bank account
  2. No need to carry bank account open hassle
  3. Just start the business

Disadvantages of buying ready SDN BHD company:

  1. If the company has any liability should check before buying
  2. If the ready company offering price is higher than expectation
  3. Share transfer hassle

Summary: Ready those are SDN BHD company for sale in Malaysia is a better choice considering registration and bank account opening hassle as foreign investors. Changing nature of the business is a minor issue can be done within a short time. Changing shareholding position is not a major issue and time takes 2 working days. Check company registration status by SSM My data (Online). If Offeror show promotion of SDN BHD company for sale in Malaysia contact them and know ins and out about selling the company, although if the buyer asks the company secretary of that company will get the right information as secretary is updated about any company in Malaysia. Check how to open a company in Malaysia under FDI law and how long takes to finish the processing and cost of them? Look at what type of business for sale Malaysia rather check the status of papers as the business type can be changed by secretary any time.

Shelf company Malaysia

Buy shelf company Malaysia 2018, 2019, 2020 and onward checking sensitive information. As above discussion on the summary, meet with the Company Secretary of shelf company and discuss to know information as you need. Licenses or chartered secretary members will not tell a lie to take fake responsibilities in a professional manner. Many consultancies, advisory, accounting firms are offering to buy a shelf company Malaysia to take advantage as a buyer. Actually, shelf company Malaysia buying policy is good if the company is OK. 2 (two) types of companies might be buy (1) Registered SDN BHD company with paid-up capital of Ringgit (RM) 4000 to 5000 (2) Those company has paid up capital of RM 1 million already but have no business activities.

Yes, the advantage of shelf company is ready company and ready bank account. Which one is better to buy (1) Paid up capital of RM 4000 to 5000 or, (2) Paid up capital of RM 1 million?

As FDI law, the foreign shareholding company has to show paid up capital of RM 1 million if the company has intention follows:

(1) Apply to WRT (b) Start export and/ or import business (c) Visa application

The price might be different as paid-up capital is RM 1 million and already injected in the bank but no business activities than paid-up capital of RM 4000. However, speak and negotiate with the seller to buy a shelf company in Malaysia as a foreigner. We suggest to but 1 million paid-up capital shown company that has a bank account and clean company to take massive advantage even price is higher also.

Buying and selling shelf company policy started many years before and yes, many advantages by the buyer if can buy the desired company. There are many types of companies ready business for sale Malaysia as follows:

(1) Export import business (2) Restaurant business (3) Manufacture business (4) Service business (5) General trading with paid up capital of RM 4000 to 1 million with good price, only for the real buyers are requested to contact us.


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