Buy Land & Others Property in Thailand – The Ultimate Guidelines

Buying Property in Thailand

Thailand is a blissful place. Foreigners who get really fond of the country after their stay in country would like to own land in that country. But Thailand is a country who do not encourage foreigners to buy a land/property in their country. Thailand law strictly states that a foreigner cannot buy a land in Thailand. But there are two options for foreigner to own a land in Thailand. They are, a foreigner can lease a land for 30 years through a limited company registration cost in Thailand and the other option is where an apartment can be owned by a foreigner but in which 51% should be owned by a Thailand person, which means that the foreigner as only half rights.

How to Purchase A Land in Thailand?

The law is very strict when it come to a foreigner buying their land, since they do not want the foreigners to own their land in their own country. But there are several ways for a foreigner to own a land in Thailand. A foreigner must use proper legal systems of the country if they really want to own a land in Thailand. Some of the steps to purchase a land are as follows:

FAQ – Questionnaire

Is it easy to buy a property in Thailand?

No, it is not easy to buy a property in Thailand, in fact it is not encouraged by the Thai Government.

What are the ways to buy a land in Thailand?

There are two ways to buy a land in Thailand as a foreigner, which is having 30-year lease agreement and owing an apartment where 51% is owned by a Thai person.

What is condominium property?

It is a building where individual apartments in the building are owned by different persons.

Can a foreigner buy a land on their own?

A foreigner needs to notify two types of people who have to be with them, they are a property agent and a lawyer.

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