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Singapore is one of the most lucrative places for business in South East Asia and the Singaporean government aims to maintain the fair trading environment in the country. So in Singapore when a person encounters a company and wants to acquire information regarding the concerned company then the ACRA provides complete support.

ACRA in Singapore provides ranges of information that gives basic information about the company and also conduct the background check on the concerned company and also get the data regarding the entities or people involving with the business.

In order to check company registration in Singapore, you may visit free online directory search in ACRA’s website. On the page, you have to provide the name of the company, UEN number and you may get the status of the company (if the company is operational or not), the official address of the company, the validity of information, types of industry, compliance ratings and when the company filed financial statements.

If the status of the company remains life in ACRA’s register then the company is operational and currently doing its business. This also indicates if the company maintains its annual filing requirements according to the company act.

If there is a red line then it indicates that the company is not filling the requirement. It may be a determining factor for if anyone wants to deal with a company that has not complied with the filing requirements.

There is a color-coded compliance rating system in ACRA and for more information about the code please visit the following link.

Check Company Registration Singapore | ACRA Company Search

Check Company Registration Singapore

In terms of check company registration Singapore, the registered business address of the company is also important. If any company is encountered where one is unable to contact the registered business address or principal business address of the company or ACRA shows the message like the company might be moved away then one should proceed with caution before proceeding for the business deal for the company. Finding one business address by using ACRA’s service is very easy.

ACRA got its Go mobile Apps and that is available at Apple store or play store. On the app, the BizQuery on OneMap provides the location services in collaboration with Singapore Land Authority and with these services one may easily locate the business on SLA’s OneMap.

Additionally on the apps available on the online stores, one may purchase additional information for a business entity. You may also buy information from a second business entity that may offer to resolve the problem with a first business entity.

Business profile of the company is also important for check company registration Singapore and there are few key points that one should know before understanding the business profile of the company.

One of the key points is the registration number and the date of incorporation under the company act Singapore.

Among them, the first four numbers among the registration number indicate the year when the company was incorporated. This shows the age of the company and if the company is recently incorporated.

The second keyword is related to share capital on the amount issued and share capital that was paid up and the company’s share holder’s information. Total shared of capital is the amount that is based on an issued share by share holder’s subscription. On other hand paid-up capital is also share capital that paid up by the shareholders of the company.

Another key point is the officers of the company and this means the directors and the secretary of the company. The board directors are directly responsible for managing the company and the secretary of the company deals with the compliance and regulatory issues of legal matters that affect the company’s operations.

Additionally, check company registration Singapore includes the terms such as sole proprietors, partners or manager terms. The sole proprietor is regarded as the single individual that is running the business, while the partnership of the company may consist of 2 to 20 partners.

For both sole proprietor and partnership based company the directors are responsible for running the business operations in Singapore and if the managers reside outside Singapore then a locally appointed manager should work under for running the business.

In order to purchase the business profile of a company, one should visit the following a link and from the same, this link one may also buy the people profile.

The information attained from the website may be used for the purpose of the fabrication of the business, researching a market and also to ease the decision-making process.

Please note that from 1st June 2018, any information purchased from ACRA’s iShop will be sent by email via online and the sales of any microfilm, hardcopy extract or any hardcopy certification should be replaced with the digital version of copies also sent by emails. The price should be paid for buying a business report is $5.50 per report.

However, according to the new law introduced at June 2017, a free business profile should be issued to a newly incorporated company or registered office and also to those who get their business registered successfully and fill their annual returns and annual declaration.


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