CIM Finance Mauritius - Financial Services Group

CIM Finance Mauritius - Financial Services Group

CIM Financial Services Ltd also called as CIM Group is a financial services group listed in the corporate market of the stock exchange. The headquarters of CIM Financial is located in Mauritius. The group has 2 major clusters which are; finance cluster and investment cluster.

CIM Finance offers financial related solutions to consumers. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) and big companies present on the credit market from 1987. There are over 700 employees across Mauritius and Rodrigues which is spread over 80 counters. CIM Finance is the first non-banking financial institution in Sub Saharan Africa to issue MasterCard and Visa credit cards and it is also the first financial institution to release China UnionPay credit cards in Africa.

The company is operated by the Bank of Mauritius (BOM) as a non-banking deposit taking institution and licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a credit financial institution and provides a wide range of credit card issuing and receiving services. CIM Finance is equally engaged in leasing and factoring activities duly licensed by FSC.

Consumer finance:

The financial service offers credit purchase facilities to a large number of individual clients through a network for over 80 important finance departments and chain of over 700 authorized merchants across Mauritius. The financial services as developed together with Experian, credit scorecard system to provide timely credit approval decisions and support for credit risk monitoring processes.

Credit cards:

The financial service is the only non-banking financial institution which is principal member of MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay. The financial service has been involved in the card business for more than 10 years which is from issuing and receiving the perspectives.

  • Issuing: It is to serve various need for the customers. The financial services issue credit cards as per the following;
  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Business
  • Titanium
  • Receiving: The financial services provides Point of Sales (POS) provisions to various merchants and sectors. The financial services also provide receiving the provisions for ecommerce merchants who are ready to sell their services and products online.


CIM financial services is a successful company and have the best and dedicated team with professionals who provides both financial and operating lease packages to individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and commercial enterprises for their financing assets.


The financial service offers domestic factoring services which is up to a range of commercial clients in the country and trade system and trade license in Mauritius. CIM finance provides resolutions to SMEs and large corporation to increase the working capital efficiently to manage receivables or must be manageable with the financial statement and funding requirements.

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