Company secretary Singapore

In accordance with the company act, Company secretary Singapore is a very important role and one needs to appoint a secretary for his/her company within six months of the competition during the incorporation process. However, there are few service firms that may provide you with the service of a company secretary. According to law, a company secretary may be a Singaporean resident or permanent resident or Singaporean employment pass holder or entry pass or dependent pass holder.

Company secretary Singapore has few responsibilities to perform and one of the major responsibilities among them is to keep track of board meetings. Secretary has to coordinate the board meetings formal decisions making process and also the process of reporting. He or she has to formulate the meeting's agenda with the company’s chairman or the senior executives. Company secretary also has to attend the board meetings and take the minutes in the minute book. After the board meeting is complete the secretary has to certify the minute documents and make sure the correct procedure for the meeting is followed. In addition to board meetings, Company secretary Singapore also has to work for general meetings of the company and obtain all the internal and external documents of agreement and circulates all documents to the shareholders. Same as board meetings, the secretary also has to coordinate the general meetings and also attend the meetings and take minutes. Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the correct procedure is followed in meetings.

Other than working for meetings, Company secretary Singapore have to monitor the company’s day to day operations and make sure that the company is running according to constitutions. Secretary has to make the draft and incorporate the amendments according to the correct procedure. Other duties of secretary include, maintain the statutory register of the company and update ACRA on Several issues. Secretary notifies ACRA, if any changes occur in the director's panel and if there are any changes in information for the particulars of the directors such as change of name or address of the directors or even office removal in accordance with law.

Secretary also have to make sure to notify ACRA about the disqualifications of keeping the office address or appointment of new directors or resignation of any directors or decease directors. ACRA gets notification from the secretary regarding the financial activities such as annual return and also the changes in company’s constitution (this includes an adaptation of new segment, alteration of existing segments, revocation of any segment). In general, secretary updates ACRA regarding any changes occurred in the company.

Company secretary Singapore also has to maintain reports and accounts. He or she has to coordinate the publications and also distribute the annual report of the company, account statement and prepare the director’s report. Secretary is responsible for share registration for the company and he or she helps to maintain the register of members for the company in Singapore. He assists the transfer process and any other matters that may put effect to the shareholders. He is responsible to answer the queries and request from the shareholders of the company and keep communication with shareholder through circulars.


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