Company Secretary Sri Lanka

Company Secretary Sri Lanka or in any random nation, their acts and services as an official mediator, between the company itself and respective regulatory authorities, is simply phenomenal and certainly unavoidable.

The Company Secretary is said to be the backbone of any business entity. The company secretary Sri Lanka simply act as a potent guardian who make sure that the business does not goes inoperative, malfunctioning or out of order on the way of its corporate journey.

Unlike all company secretaries appointed in various business entity around the globe the major act of Company Secretary Sri Lanka is to ensure that the company and its business is conducting as mentioned in its Articles of Association.

Ensuring solid compliment with the statutory requirements and regulatory facts as per amended in The Company Act.

Well it is very crucial that all business companies (small or big – Local or Foreign) must maintain accurate and appropriate records of statutory documents as incorporation documents, company director’s consent of act, company director’s resolutions, shareholder agreements, and annual returns in the company registers in Sri Lanka and files.)

Yes, the official work and other phrases performed by these company secretary Sri Lanka is highly cherished and valued by the organizations they work in.

They indeed take huge responsibilities over their shoulders and perform their duties with complete dedication and maintain certain time frame.

They have to be very much alert and keen about the time frame they maintain, this is mainly because if they fail to perform some of their crucial duties and responsibilities within certain time limit they along with the company they work in encounter fatal penalties and prosecution under the Companies Act.

Hence, the job performed by all these Company Secretary Sri Lanka regarding the maintenance of certain documents and track records need to be checked frequently by authorities.

Here are some of the list of the records of major statutory documents and related paper documents of a business company that is regulated by the designated Company secretary of your company.

Of course, all these filings are certainly asked to be performed within a specific time frame, If late, it will certainly considered as a clear offence and the company directors and other authentic figures will be liable to pay lodgment fines.

  • Annual return of a registered business company
  • Certain changes and corrections made in the Articles of Association of an Established Business Company
  • Important Notices and related paper work of the allotment of the company shares
  • Changes made (if performed) in the registered office address that has been submitted to the regulatory office in the time of Company registration procedures performed.
  • Maintain files and other documents for annual taxation.
  • Filling appropriate documents and legal bond ship made between the employees and employers.

Company secretarial services in Sri Lanka

Secretarial Services

One of the major company secretarial services Sri Lanka involves the company share issues and prejudices.

All these company secretary Sri Lanka plays in definite roles to allot company shares, issue authorized share certificates and above all maintain certain statutory share registers. They also drive in crucial steps and activities regarding share transfers and fundaments.

Well, as per my suggestion to my business owners and investors friends, who wants to setup their own company in Sri Lanka, to hire or appoint a Company Secretary Sri Lanka in the very early stage or staring period of their business in Sri Lanka.

It is indeed important to take in Company Secretarial Services and more important to select the most effective and eligible person to appoint. It is always important for you and your company to get in the right person as your company secretary, cause believe me or not, all it will do is help your make your journey of business, an absolute one.

All these company secretary Sri Lanka can also act as a business adviser and legal advisor to the company Board of Directors. They certainly help you in making effective corporate decisions.

During the Company start-ups periods, Company secretarial services in Sri Lanka will surly act as a mediator between your Business Company and the ROC (Registrar of Companies) in Sri Lanka.

Here are some crucial facts and points where your company secretary plays in during the staring days of your company and business activities:

  • Obtaining the Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Creating Relative Company Board Resolutions
  • Fixing Board Meetings for taking right decisions for the company future.
  • Filing and submitting authentic copies of company resolutions at Companies House
  • Signing important documents and other paper work on behalf or absence of the company director.
  • Maintaining and validate Company’s registered address.

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