Applying for a CR-1 Visa in Thailand: Complete Process

The CR-1 visa is known as Conditional residence visa. This type of visa applied by a US citizen who as married a foreigner and want him or her to come with them to the U.S. Therefore, in order to make them come with the U.S spouse, the US spouse needs to apply for a CR-1 visa which is valid for 2-years during this period the couple can live in U.S together.

When the couple is settled down in U.S with the CR-1 visa within 90 days of the 2-years condition they need to apply for the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). By applying the USCIS it helps in removing the CR-1 2-year condition which can make the foreign partner stay more longer with their U.S spouse.

In this type of visa, the partner gets to immediately stay in the U.S and once they get the permission to stay, they also have a guarantee to apply for a job.

Eligibility of The Applicant:

  • The person who is applying a CR-1 visa for their spouse must be a U.S citizen.
  • The U.S spouse must be eligible to sponsor their foreign spouse and also show proof that they have the facility to sponsor their spouse
  • There should be a beneficiary document of USCIS which is the pending file of the foreign spouse.
  • The marriage between the US citizen and the foreign spouse must be valid.
  • The couple if they happen to have children, those children should be minor.

Applying for a CR-1 Visa

It is a big process to apply for the CR-1 visa in Thailand. In order to apply this a person should put their time, money and effort.

  • The first step is to file an immigration petition for the foreign spouse.
  • Information and evidence files of the foreign spouse
  • Immigration filing of USCIS for the foreign spouse
  • After receiving the USCIS receipt, the foreign spouse can claim for the CR-1 petition visa along with the National Benefits Center (NBC).
  • After the NBC process and the approval of CR-1, then the next process is National Visa Center (NVC).
  • The NVC will then schedule an interview to the foreign spouse who will have to attend the interview in the given date and US embassy Thailand visa.
  • Once the foreign spouse has completed the interview, then they are granted a CR-1 visa. And then they can live with their US partner.

The CR-1 visa is considered to be the best visa, the foreign spouse can bring their minor children along with them. The couple can also file an IR-1 visa type which does not have the 2-years conditional period. But with CR-1 visa along with the USCIS procedure the couple is considered to have a legal citizenship in the U.S and they also have the prestige to receive work permit in the country.

Questionnaire about CR-1 Visa

What is CR-1 visa?

It is a conditional visa which is applied by the U.S spouse for their foreign partner.

Can the couples have children during the period?

Yes, the couple can also apply for their children who has to be minor and unmarried.

How long is the CR-1 visa type valid?

It is valid for 2 years.


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