Dubai Startups - List of top 10 startups in Dubai

When you combine great business destination and splendid infrastructure and lavish lifestyle, you get Dubai. Yes, many investors all around the world look for these three aspects and they end up in this fabulous gulf nation. Along with prominent investors, many new entrepreneurs also gather in this country to start their dream corporation. Dubai startup therefore is a happening business trend in current date.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for opportunities, by now you must be wondering about the most prospective startups in Dubai. This is obvious in order to survey the current markets and trends in Dubai to step up with your own startup in this country. Go no further as here in this article we have come up with top 10 startups which took the attention of the commercial world.


Let us talk about a startup in Dubai that has recently taken the maximum attention in field of connecting bridge between patients and doctors. We here talking about; the total funding this startup have gathered summed up to about $2.5 million, it was introduced in 2014 and has a health care and IT as its genre. 

2. Kareem

Next come into the list is a startup that deals with providing car service to the people. Just like Uber ride, Kareem has been a startup worth about $1billion. The business has a fabulous 30% monthly growth and is a reputed business not only in Dubai but in more than 11 countries around the world.

3. Avidbeam

Another Dubai startup that is at the top of the recommendations is the Avidbeam. Having partnered with Intel and Microsoft, Avidbeam deals with Big Data. It is basically a video intelligence and analytics platform that proved to be pretty useful various retail business and smart city projects in Dubai. The startup in fact won the CES Exhibition 2018 grand price in Las Vegas. The startup has the genre software and Big Data, Information Technology, video.

4. Eat Clean Me

This one has been awarded as the best startup by the STEP conference in Dubai in 2018. The startup business is known as Eat Clean Me. As per the name suggestion this startup deals with food. The business deals with healthy food distributions and preparations among clients in Dubai. The business is conducted by expert chefs and team of experienced nutritionists.

5. Starz Play

Starz Play is an on-demand subscription based video sharing startup in Dubai that has acquired the funding of around $125million by the year 2017. The genre is IT and entertainment. The business provides high definition streaming service of thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and TV series at their premier date as in USA.

6. Genr8

This startup won the Hult Prize Intra Competition 2018. Genr8 is definitely one of a kind though put together in a startup for a sustainable world. The company registration Dubai deals with clean energy manufacturing equipments. The business introduced latest block chain technology in power industries in Dubai. The aim of the company is to decentralize the traditional centralized power distribution process and make the electricity much more reachable, renewable and convenient in price for end users.

7. Fetcher

It is rather a straightforward e-commerce startup that got a funding of $52million in 4 funding chunks. Through Fetcher clients can reach local and global brands very easily. The vice versa facility goes for merchants as well when promoting their business through Fetcher. Moreover the e-commerce app has been developed with simplicity and great usability in mind. This can be a strong reason this Dubai startup which have started in 2017 is seeing great success.

8. Almentor

Almentor is a great startup initiation that works on providing skill based tutorials to its target consumers. It is the biggest Arabic e-learning site. The total funding that Almentor have acquired is about $4.5million. It was launched in 2016. So far, this online based learning platform has served 41200 clients throughout Middle East nations and this counting is still going up. The genre for this startup is Online learning, Video broadcasting.

9. Unifonic  

This startup in Dubai focused on digital communication sector of the nation. Unifonic works on projects that can make cloud communication more accessible, convenient and cost efficient for end users. The business relies on secured APIs which provides various end to end accessibilities such as SMS, voice calls etc. to its clients. The funding valuation of this startup business went up to $21million and founded in 2016.

10. Etherty

Etherty has grown as the smart business startup solution in the field of real estate property dealings. This Dubai startup uses top of the class block chain technology to provide smart contract, buy sell, trading and investing facilities in the sector of real estate for the clients in Dubai.


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