Export import business setup Iran

There are many types of business like export-import business setup Iran, general trading, manufacture, service and simple operation (like branch office). Carpets, fruits, household and many other businesses are good markets in Iran. Make plan which business like to start and do market survey for the same. How to set up a business in Iran and steps of business establishment? How much investment is required to do export-import business setup in Iran? What is the legal procedure to set up new company in case of foreign shareholders?

Company registration Iran

There are 4 categories that follow of company registration Iran. Categories are:

  1. LLC (Limited liability company Iran)
  2. Private joint stock company (PJSC in Iran)
  3. Public joint stock company (unlimited shareholders)
  4. Branch office setup of parent company Iran


Private joint stock company is the good choice to setup a business in Iran for the foreigners. There are 3 partners require for PJSC company registration Iran. Further information, one director may represent of 3 to carry on business registration and open bank account. Minimum require capital to setup business is US$ 50 (fifty). It will require 2 (two) months to finish process of company registration Iran. Corporate income tax rate almost flat is 22-25%. For your kind attention, no need to audit your accounts if annual turnover not exceed US$ 1200000.


Limited liability company registration Iran if the shareholders are nonresident is no issue, 100 percent foreign ownership is allowed. Here two shareholders are enough at minimum and required investment capital is US$ 1. To register LLC might need 2 months from beginning and minimum 15 days at earliest.

Public Joint Stock

Business setup Iran as public joint stock is another procedure where required minimum investment is US$ 300 and 5 shareholders. Here minimum 5 shareholders need to meet requirement setting up business in Iran.

Branch Office

Some of them like to setup branch office in Iran and for doing so, fill up application, justification form, audit report and meeting minutes are required to submit government for approval.

Business consultancy fees Iran

To setup business Iran might require US$ 3500 to US$ 4500 depend on size of company and consultant. Translation, passport verification, financial papers justification, registration completion, bank account opening and post registration services consultant/ advisor might ask for said charge to executive whole requirement as package.



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