Fishing in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand

Thailand attracts almost a million visitors each year. Having both highly modern cities and remote villages. Thailand is a well-loved tourist destination. Nevertheless, it is also a fabulous destination for food lovers. Thai cuisine is popularly called the best in the world. This is because Thai food has many unique flavors. And a rule of thumb is to always use fresh ingredients.

When it comes to fresh food, a major portion of the Thai food menu comes from fish sources. At one side fish products are constantly meeting food lovers' cravings, on the other hand, it is earning huge foreign currencies. In both ways, the fishing sector has its own place of importance in Thailand. This article gives some brief highlights regarding fishing in Thailand and how it is contributing to the Thai economy.

Other than food, there are other activities to enjoy. One of such activities is fishing. Fishing is often described as one of the most relaxing activities to do either alone or with family. It provides time to distress and to enjoy.

Moreover, it also provides a sense of satisfaction when one catches a fish. Fishing in Thailand is a popular hobby for both locals and foreign nationals. In fact, Anglers in Thailand are known to average 40-50 catches a week. With some fish being as huge as 60+ kilograms!

In fact, while some see fishing as boring, are you aware of the following benefits it has?

A chance to bond

Fishing has long been seen as a family activity. As you wait for your catch to take the bait, you can spend the time talking to your loved ones.

Boosts health

Fishing is an outdoor activity. As such, you will get some much-needed sunshine. Thus, boosting your body’s vitamin D intake- in turn strengthening your immune system.

Eases stress

Anglers often talk about the soothing effects of fishing. This is because when surrounded in nature, the body releases endorphins, creating a sense of calmness. This is similar to the effects of meditation

Improves fitness

Although it is a low impact sport, fishing improves fitness. This is because not only does it burn calories, it also teaches one a sense of balance.

Teaches patience

Surely the most important benefit of fishing is learning patience. Fishing, unlike other activities doesn’t provide instant gratification. Sometimes getting a catch may take hours or even days. Thus, one has to cultivate patience in order to improve in fishing.

Thailand is known for providing one of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in Asia. Not only do they have a wide range of fish species to catch, they have several locations as well. From resorts to parks specifically for fishing. If you are a seasoned angler, you can bring your own equipment. But most of these places provide equipment on a rental basis if needed. This is especially useful for tourists who want to have a quick experience at fishing. Thailand also has fish species that are unique to its borders such as the following:

  • Giant Mekong Catfish
  • Siamese Carp
  • Giant Snakehead
  • Barramundi

Fishing without a license in a location outside a designated fishing spot is prohibited. Breaking the rules can incur severe fines. And in some cases, may either get you imprisoned or deported. Thus, it is imported to go to a location that offers fishing as a listed activity.

The top spots for fishing in Thailand

Following are the top spots for fishing in Thailand:

Bungsamran Lake

You may find this lake in Bangkok- the country’s capital. Bungsamran Lake currently hold’s the world record for the most popular spot for big game fishing. In fact, the lake houses catfish that weigh up to 130kg!

Jurassic Fishing Park

Located in Cha Am. This park is just 2 hours away from Bangkok. It is currently the most popular fishing resort in Thailand.

Boon Mar Ponds

Nestled in the Chachoengsao province specializes in one type of fish- the barramundi. It is located to the east of Bangkok and is an 80km drive away.

Khao Laem Dam

Perhaps a more adventurous location, Khao Laem Dam is nestled in Western Thailand in a jungle. Thus reaching the spot is an adventure on its own.

Cheow Lan Dam

Located in the Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand. This spot is known for specializing in Snakehead fishes.

Shadow Lake

Close to Bangkok, this lake is known for having premium catfish and carp. It is also the oldest running fishing spot in Bangkok.

Hua Hin Greenfield Fishery & Resort

A bit far from Bangkok, this resort is 200km away. However, it is reviewed as the best in Thailand. Doubling as a natural park, this resort has 23 species to fish for!

In addition to each place having distinct scenery, they also offer different catches. Thus, if you’re truly looking for a fishing outing to remember- visit a few spots! You need to check how to start a business in Thailand.


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