Get a Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) - Process of Visa Application

Thailand having the world best scenery along with its best geographical location, people around the world would like to visit this magnificent country at least once in a lifetime. Thailand is considered to be one of the best places for tourist to visit. Just like other countries, even Thailand as some rules and regulations in order for a tourist to visit their country.

The tourist visa can be extended apart from the visa period applied depending on the reason. The Thailand visa rules differ from country to country. It has different set of rules for different countries. There are different rules for different countries because in certain countries there was an agreement made by some specific countries with the Thai government that visa can be exemption for them while entering Thailand.

Rules and Regulations to Follow in Thailand As A Tourist

  • A tourist should not work when they have come to just have a leisure time and enjoy the view. It is considered to be illegal when a person is staying in tourist visa in Thailand.
  • A tourist visa in Thailand is in between 15 to 30 days.
  • Depending on the stay the tourist visa is also valid for 3 to 6 months.
  • If there is further need of stay in Thailand then the visitor needs to contact the office of immigration bureau which is located in Bangkok.

Process of Visa Application for STV

There are certain documents to be submitted while applying for the visa.

  • Passport
  • Travel documents valid for 6 months or more
  • Filled visa application form
  • Passport size photo 4√ó6cm
  • Air ticket or e-ticket which is paid fully.
  • Evidence of financial requirements.

It is always advisable for a person to arrange all the documentation correctly in order. You need to know about Thailand company registration cost. It is best to submit the required documents properly which shows that you are in the best shape to submit travel.

Visa Application Fee Payment STV Visa

  • Entry fee of US $ 30 per person
  • Evidence of financial record must be up to TBAH 20,000 to TBAH 40,000 for each family.

FAQ - Questionnaire

What is the maximum amount of stay for a tourist in Thailand?

30 days, depending to on the stay it can be 3-6 months.

What is the minimum number of days to stay in Thailand?

Minimum number of stays can be lesser than 30 days

How long does it take to receive the visa?

The visa application for Thailand does not take long, the maximum period to receive the visa is around 2 weeks after applying visa.

Can the tourist work during their stay in Thailand?

Absolutely no, the tourist not allowed to work during their stay in Thailand. It is considered to be illegal to work when they have a Thai tourist visa.

How much is the entry fee for the Thai tourist application?

Entry fee for a single person is US $30.

During the stay can an extension be made due to any circumstances?

The extension can be made during the stay but the application should be done with 3 months of stay. if the first entry stay is less than 3 months, then it is hard to apply for extension. But a visa can be re-applied again from your country.


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