Get Company Registration Certificate in Thailand

Get Company Registration Certificate in Thailand

Company Registration Certificate

Company Registration Certificate in Thailand states that you are legally allowed to do business in Thailand. After successful registration, you are entitled to a certificate in Thailand. Company registrations has increased in Thailand for the growing economy and its strategic location on the map. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors are choosing this country for government support and incentives. Thailand has good policies, social and political stability, and the country is in a suitable place in Asia. 

Certificate in Thailand 

Everywhere you decide to start a business, you must go through the registration process. Thailand is no different. The main goal is the same. Submission of documents, following the procedures, and applying for the registration. The company registration fee in Thailand is not that high. With proper guidance and consultancy, you can get your company registered fast. Once you have registered you are entitled to the facilities provided by the government for businesses in Thailand. 

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Value of the Registration Certificate 

You are doing business in Thailand. You must be available to the public. Everyone must know that you are legally doing business in Thailand. The certificate will prove that you are legally registered to do business in Thailand. 

General Information for Company Registration 

If you wish to start a business in your country or in any foreign country, you must go through the country-specific process. Everywhere it is different. There might be some countries where the process is the same. In general, the main information to know are as follows:  

  • Preparing company name  
  • Finding out if the name is available  
  • Collect all relevant documents  
  • Fill up form in designated offices  
  • Submit all the forms and documents to the designated offices  

After this general process, you will be able to get your business certificate to conduct your business in the country. There will be a business registration number provided to you. This number is the identification number for your business. This number will be used by the government to track your business. If you decide to alter the name of your company or change the nature of your business, you must go to the designated office to get your information updated against your business registration number. You must update your company registration certificate. 

Company Registration Process in Thailand 

If you wish to register your company then the process is almost the same for all businesses.  

  • Company name search  
  • Registration of the company name  
  • Prepare and submission of Memorandum of Association  
  • Prepare and submission of Article of Association  
  • Fixing a Statutory Meeting  
  • Submission of necessary documents for company registration  
  • Registering for VAT or Tax 

Business Registration Structure 

  • Thai Limited Company 
  • Thai Partnership / Limited Thai Partnership 
  • Thai Representative Office or Branch Office 


After the successful registration of your company in Thailand, you will get the company registration certificate. You must keep it safe as it is proof of your registration. The company registration certificate proves that you are legally allowed to do business in Thailand. The value of this certificate is a lot. 


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