How businesses are responding to COVID-19

The drastic outbreak of COVID-19 is causing devastating results in human lives. Global economy and businesses are falling apart. The pandemic has disrupted our regular living conditions, ways of communication, interactions and collaborations in the society. This also put out businesses into bigger threats.

Such critical scenario in current time has alarmed renowned organizations, and many companies, who are now desperately trying to be sustainable. Entrepreneurs and corporate giants are realizing the impact of business ecology, where one business is dependent to another and a single company alone cannot thrive all by itself.

Corporate leaders therefore gathered all together and are discussing their way out from this pandemic crisis which put global business into great turmoil. They are now sorting out of how current businesses are responding to COVID-19. Global businesses are now also suggesting ways on how work together wisely in this condition can contribute in COVID-19 prevention.

COVID19 pandemic has already cost lives of more than 70,000 people all around the world. Many more are at the higher risk or at a critical condition. When the world is going through a critical timeline, many organizations, entrepreneurs, personnel and individuals are coming forward to deal with this pandemic. Although the lockdown put businesses into halts, nevertheless, global companies are coming up with knowledge, suggestions, resources and capitals.

Businesses and their contributions to deal with COVID-19

Big organizations such as Silicon Valley giants, global manufacturing brands, renowned health and research organizations and governmental bodies are now coming forward to tackle this nightmare. Top Technology Company Such As CISCO is pledging $225 million with a core aim to fight against SARS COV19 virus, commonly known as COVID-19.   CISCO also developed online video conference platform and online work opportunities that can facilitate millions of employees and working individuals.

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has calls forth big businesses around to world asking for funds that can help develop COVID-19 vaccines and remedies.  The CEPI invested $30 million on multiple projects, each of which are working on Corona virus vaccination developments.

Infosys, another tech. giant has funded Indian rupees 1 billion with an objective to expand hospital capacities, dedicated treatments, develop ventilators, protective accessories, test kits and workforces to tackle the impact of COVID-19 in India. The organization have partnered with Narayana Health City in Bengaluru, India to prepare large capacity quarantine facility for covid-19 infected patients.

Another strategic partner of World Economic Forum is PepsiCo, came up with $45 million worth of health screening accessories, test kits and essential supplies. The company is standby to provide necessary donations and funds across the world whenever needed. They are active in Canada and providing school going children with foods and medical supplies as well as financial supports. This organization is equally active in Europe and Middle East countries, providing health accessories, emergency reliefs, and food supplies.

TATA, another giant group of companies in India have donated $200million for infected areas and communities in India. They are helping government and authorities with mobile software and other amenities to keep a track of COVID-19 patients and keep the fight strong against the virus outbreak. This big fund has been provided with an intention to equip health sector in Indian infected zones strongly with sufficient workforce, test equipments and treatment facilities.

American renowned toy company LEGO has announced to donate $50 million to deal with the COVID-19 situation in America. Since America seems to be the next epicenter, global businesses related to this country are in big risk of collapsing. To mitigate this scenario as soon as possible businesses are contributing and funding their level best. To keep up with this steam of donation, LEGO announced this contribution which focuses children who have particularly been affected by this COVID-19 crisis. The company has decided to reach children with emergency requirements and supplies during this prime time.

Johnson & Johnson, another world renowned consumer product manufacturer have committed to support a total of $300 million for frontline healthcare workers and individuals working constantly to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. They have announced to support medical personals, which include frontline doctors, nurses, community health workers, midwives etc. They have also set their goal for the beginning of 2021, which is to supply one billon vaccines across the world. As soon as they get a hand of first batch of COVID-19 vaccine, they have promised to distribute it worldwide.

While Johnson & Johnson have declared their goal to deal with the current pandemic crisis, P&G focused on the prevention of current outbreak of Corona virus. They will produce 45000 liters of hand sanitizer weekly to fight against COVID-19 once fully operational in five manufacturing plants. They have committed to supply this sanitizer to various hospitals, health care centers and relief centers all around the world. The company has also committed to contribute supports worth more than $15million. Apart from sanitizers, the company has announced to donate products from 30 brands to many communities in various countries to keep up with health and hygiene in this delicate period of time.

A big chunk of help relief fund is coming from the tech giant Google. Google have announced to donate $800 million in this crisis period. This fund will go to the World Health Organizations (WHO), US governments, various small to mid level businesses and millions of health workers working at the frontline. The aim is to distribute and make good use of this sum to fight against COVID-19 virus. Google have announced $25 million alone for worldwide awareness advertisements, granted $250 million to WHO and multiple government agencies all around the world. Along with this Google have made an investment fund worth $200 million to support NGOs and banks worldwide, so that small to mid size businesses gets support and necessary capital when needed.

Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical giant stationed in Denmark funded DKK 50million with the mission to enrich research and health outreach projects to mitigate COVID-19 impact in Denmark. The Novo Nordisk foundation is working along with the government projects and assisting in term of knowledge and resource share. The foundation has focused and put their grant on three major areas: new treatments, technologies and techniques. Their aim is to prevent the current virus outbreak and put a blockage on further pandemics in future at the same time cure and rehabilitate current COVID infected patients.

Other than these major many major businesses are responding to COVID-19 situation globally. Some of these businesses and their humanitarian contributions are given in the table below:

Companies/ Business/ Individuals Contributions
Nestle (Consumer and food manufacturing company) Partnering with Red cross and Red crescent society, donating foods and medical nutrient supplies, mineral water and Swiss Franc of 10million to countries who are infested with Maximum COVID cases and needs the most.
Ti Cook (Chief Executive Officer of Apple) Announced to donate more than 10 million masks to the medicals, hospitals and health care centers all over USA and Europe nations where the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 seems to be the maximum at this present time.
HP The company has committed to donate millions of dollars to rebuilt technology and support hubs for students, families and communities affected by the pandemic. The company is also concentrating on developing medical essentials to support health care centers and hospitals all around the world.
AstraZeneca The donation counts 9 million face masks to support health care personals all over the world in order to fight against COVID-19. The first batch of these masks has already been delivered on 25th March 2019 to Italy.
Unilever The company have announced to provide free soaps, sanitizers, bleach and food items across the world which worth 100million Euros. The company has already started their initiatives in ISA, India, China, European nations and other countries across the globe to manufacture and free distribute soaps and health care materials.

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