How to check Malaysian visa status – Easily check in online

Whether you intend to study, work or operate a business in Malaysia, having a visa is paramount since it is your gateway into the country. The use of internet and digitization of many services in different countries has made it possible for people to access those services conveniently yet it still causes problems for most.

Knowing the right procedures to follow and the right place to look can help solve those problems. Since checking a visa status is one of them, below are some guides.

Work visa

Those who intend to work in Malaysia must have the knowledge necessary to avoid being duped by fraudsters when it comes to their visa status. Checking the Malaysia visa check in online is simple since it uses straightforward steps once you have all the requirements.

You will need an application number, employer number, and company registration number. Most people usually lack the latter but it is the most important. You may use the other details for verification purposes but the registration number is the one needed for the search.

If you don't know the company registration number, you can log into the suruhanjaya syarikat website and look for it using the company name. Once you have it, search for the government website that offers e-services and use that number to search for your status. All the applicants under that company will appear then you can check.

Student visa

Whether you are already a student or intend to become a student in Malaysia, you have to know how to check your visa status. Though going to the embassy is an option, it takes a lot of time and energy that could be used productively elsewhere.

The first step when Malaysia visa checks online for the student is visiting the right link which is On the right hand side, there will be a tab named “track my application”. Click on that to open a form which you have to fill using your passport number. Enter as the travel document number then enter your nationality before proceeding. Click on “track my application” to get your status.

It is important to know that sometimes you can get an error especially when your details have reflected on the government's database. Such cases happen when one checks their status soon after applying. You should, therefore, wait for a month before checking to give the ministry of education ample time to put your details in their database.

For other travelers planning on going to the country, visa status should be checked on the same immigration website used during application. With just the passport number you can track the application progress.

Other than being convenient, applying for a visa in Malaysia through their website saves time, money and energy that could have otherwise been used in going to the embassy. It brings services closer thereby increasing safety in terms of eliminating the chances of being duped.


The government's website has all the resources one needs to check their status. All you have to do is remember your details such as the passport number. In case you experience problems with the online process, going to the embassy is an option. Well, you may want to know about guidelines for foreign company registration in Malaysia.

To increase chances of having a successful application, make sure you enter correct details when applying. Lying is never a good idea just like omitting some important details. Ensure you fill the forms personally since there have been cases of people being conned and given fake visas.


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