How to Setup a Manufacturing Company in Bahrain

Like other Arab countries, the Bahrain is well known for the oil reserves and has a name in oil refinery industry and other crude oil products. Islamic banking and tourism are the emerging companies there. With these, the Bahrain has the highest income and the most developed currency.

How to Setup a Manufacturing Company in Bahrain

How to Setup a Manufacturing Company in Bahrain

Not only the English law but also Sharia is regulating the laws there and hence maintained a well known and balanced business environment and opportunities that have attracted a lot of foreign investors.

General Procedure

General Procedure

You should be aware of the local parameters and the basic knowledge before entering into one of the greatest economies of the world. Moreover, you should be determined and have a full-fledged business plan that includes your investment and probable profit details too. Then you can start the procedure as follows Manama has the Bahrain Investor Center and you have to pass a procedure with your respective type of department there and then you can get a license to set up a company.

A commercial Registration Certificate application should be provided. It should be accompanied by the power of attorney if any consulting agent is involved. Moreover, the drafts of the Memorandum and Article of Association are also to be made. You should also provide your passport and visa along with some monetary reference from a bank or some law firm. The preliminary registration takes almost 7 days.

Here are a few options you should think about before pinging it.

If you go for a public Bahrain shareholding Company B.S.C., then you need 7 promotors and 5 directors at the least and it has the advantage of being allowed to a large number of the prestige. You just need 1000000 BD and you are good to go for it then. However, it can also be a closed one and must have at the least 2 shareholders and also require a local place and local workforce as required by the former one.

For a foreign investor, the limited liability company is the good to go option as you need only 2 directors and 2 to 50 shareholders. You can have a 100% foreign ownership and is ideal for setting manufacturing company in Bahrain. It just needs a local workforce and location with no requirement of a sponsor at all. Moreover, there is maximun profit with the minimum taxes that makes it the best of the available options. A partnership is a bit same as the partners have joint liability and they can have the same prestige as well.

To talk about the most intriguing and attractive option, a single person company is the dream of all but you need a great will as well as a major investment to get it started. Only 1 director and 1 shareholder is the pre requisite and then you can kick in with a minimum of 50000 BD investments and can own all the profit as you have a 100% ownership and can have a local setup without any further hurdle.

 So you need to provide the Declaration in case of single person company or the resolution of all the board directors in other cases.

Then you should go for registration of name of the company the process is simple and is also available online for some countries.  At this stage, you should be decisive of the structure of your manufacturing company registration in Canada. You should also have some vague financial reports and calculations about your work. Decide the shareholder and the directors for the company you are going to set up. There are many advantages to starting a business in Bahrain.

When you will receive a Commercial Registration Certificate, with this certificate in hand, you can proceed further and lease a space where you can set up your manufacturing company and have the commercial lease agreement signed from the represented municipality of the BIC. This usually takes 3 days and then you can go for hiring employees that can be native as well and this certificate grants you the prestige to open a bank account of the company too. After being done with the banking and lease approval, deposit the investment and then you can get the Article of Memorandum and Article of Association. Then after a day, your company will get registered officially and you can start working.


For the process, you should be well equipped with English but all the documentation is in Arabic so you need to be aware of it too. Moreover to talk with the natives, Arabic is the major option while English is the mainstream for the official proceedings.

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Bahrain

Top Manufacturing Company in Bahrain

Aluminum Bahrain ALBA is topmost of all as it is government-owned and it covers all the issues related to the exploration as well as the processing of oil and oil products and hence making all the sales. Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill Company GARMCO is also one of the manor ones. Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard is also one of the renowned and major manufacturing companies working in Bahrain. Aluminum Extrusion Company BAL EXCO is also the maker manufacturing company. To talk about the other majors, General Electronics GE, is the major name in electronics, Ileum Composites, Emerson, Dalmon Ready-mix, YAS holding and Dow Corning are the top ones in the manufacturing industry.

Advantages of Starting a Manufacturing Company In Bahrain

Advantages of Starting a Manufacturing Company

To talk of advantages, Bahrain provides the highly efficient workforce to the foreign investors. This place specially is free of any other logistical hurdles you face at any other high income country. Moreover the cost to start a business in Bahrain is also much lower as it is 33% less than the other GCC countries and it also provides a better workplace by having a low lease rate. Moreover, there is no corporate tax or income tax there and that is the biggest attraction for the foreign investor. The government also grants the help to attract and establish the foreign investors there. The living price is also lower than other GCC countries

Conclusion of Setting Up a Manufacturing Company in Bahrain

It is one of the best opportunities one can dream of availing as this country of 33 islands has a close association with all other international markets especially mentioning the Arabs countries of GCC. Moreover, this country is not involved in any international conflict so a law of manufacturing company here can have the chance to access and sell the products worldwide. The process is easy and the prestige is enough to think of setting up a company in Bahrain.


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