How to start a business in Singapore with no capital

For starting a business in Singapore, good idea, knowledge is must but a sum of money is not always a mandatory requirement. One might be unemployed but got the dream of being self-supporting then there are many business opportunities in Singapore where you may start the business without money. However being an entrepreneur is not an easy life. One may have struggled for years before getting the breakdown point and even after this one has to work for additional hours. In this article, we discuss how to start a business in Singapore with no capital. Here we shall take a positive approach and we aim to show the possibilities that are existing.

Regardless, if you are local or foreigner in Singapore and despite the fact that you know the Singaporean language or not; you can start a business with making a cake and selling cake. There are few examples that person came from overseas and start selling cake to learn Singaporean language and making money out of it. At first, you may start with a few flavors and you can take it as a hobby. You can make a cake with the ingredient from the home kitchen and does not require additional money. If you are selling good and getting good reviews then you may join small bakery courses. Nowadays there are lots of free online courses of such types. If you require more confidence then you may also join the bakery shop and get work experience. And finally, you start receiving regular customers then you can start your own bakery shop.

Please note that, in order to provide fresh bread, cakes in the early morning, you may need to start baking from 2 – 3 am in the morning and if the days are long then you may need to work till 8-9 pm. And also note that you may need a good place in the market for selling your cakes. Usually, you need to make contact with the market authority and arrive early. Generally, whoever comes early gets the best place. Additionally, you may also sell other products than cake. The law of Singapore allows you to sell any legal products such as clothing, handicrafts items, flower decorations, food items etc.

Ideas to start a business in Singapore

Idea is to become the used car dealer. If you are interested in cars and got experience in car handling and selling then you may start a business with used car selling. Additionally, if you got experience in car repairing then you may start repairing business in your local neighborhood. Initially, you can hire garage at cheap price and car can be repaired without using any fixed space. Everyone is not willing to sell their cars and if you are able to sell a few cars then you may start thing of incorporating your company. You may need to choose the right form of the company. You may also start a business as a website designer and this does not require any expensive machinery other than a computer. This business also does not require any extensive work area or stock premises. Another way to start a business in Singapore with no capital is, to begin with, a food wagon. These can be small vehicles loaded with clean and hygienic food items.

However, you may need to take a license for running a food handling business and also you may require a parking area for your business and this also may require additional licensing. In food wagon, customers can see the cleanness of the vehicle and how the food is being served. So you need to maintain good hygiene level and a pleasant behavior to your customer. The design work for loading cart is also important. According to the law, the cart should be designed in such way that all the area of the cart can be cleaned easily and the construction material must be waterproof, flat and does not contain food items. The workplace should be designed in such a way that it must not cross with each other. This means whatever is clean must not come into contact with what is dirty. Additionally, vegetable items and meat items must be separated from each other and also there must be a separation between raw ingredients and cooked ingredients.

How to start a business in Singapore with no capital? Another idea may include run your own plumbing business or work as a bicycle repair mechanic. You may start repairing a bicycle in a small area and then if the business gets a good response then you may start extending the business premises. You may also start your own saloon and you require very small initial tools for starting these types of business. There are examples where business owner initially started a saloon in their laundry room. The laws of Singapore do not allow using your home as a complete beauty salon. But you may provide manicure and hairdressing services.


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