Incorporating a business in Morocco

Morocco is the most stable country for investors with a fast-growing economy. It has successfully developed and maintained a stable political and economic structure that favors business. The 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index has also announced its name among the 50 most cutting-edge economies in the world. Due to astounding economic progress, Morocco is recognized as an attractive location for many business people to do businesses there. Over the last few years, it has made itself a stable and exceptional emerging market.

Morocco is also popular as a favourable gateway for UK companies and investors. It gives most priorities to its safety and security issues. Hence, it’s the safest business and financial hub for investors as well as entrepreneurs too. It is successfully attracting most foreign investors because of its investor oriented policies. The Moroccan Government has simplified the investment processes to promote more pioneers.

Thus, it provides an inconceivable investment environment with lots of profitable business opportunities. The process of opening a business in Morocco is comparatively simple and straightforward. If anyone speaks French or Arabic, can open a business in Morocco in no time.

Therefore, Morocco is seen as a safe haven to do business because of its vital geographic area and constant economic improvement. To start a suitable business, entrepreneurs and investors must incorporate a relatable company in Morocco. Some main common types of companies are being described below with basic requirements and estimations.

Limited Liability Company in Morocco


Least shareholders (individuals or authorized entities) 5
Least directors 3
Time to set up 7 weeks
100% foreign owned YES
Needed Capital 3,000,000 MAD (public limited companies)
300,000 MAD (Public Liability company)
Can lease office YES
TAX Rate 30%
Duration of opening a bank account 4 weeks
Allowed Liability Limited
Familiar as SA

Estimated Registration costs:

  • Company's Name Registration: 190 MAD,
  • Statutes Registration: 20 MAD per page,
  • Stamp duties: 20 MAD,
  • Registration to the Ministry of Finance: 1,350 MAD.

Private Limited Company in Morocco


Least and highest shareholders 1 - 50
Least directors 1
100% foreign owned YES
Time to set up 6 weeks
Needed Capital 10,000 MAD
Can lease office YES
TAX Rate 30%
Duration of opening a bank account 4 weeks
Allowed Liability Limited
Familiar as SARL

Probable Registration costs:

  • Company's Name Registration: 190 MAD,
  • Statutes Registration: 20 MAD per page,
  • Registration to the Ministry of Finance: 1,350 MAD,
  • Stamp duties: 20 MAD.

Free Zone Business in Morocco


Least shareholders 2
Least directors 1
Time to set up 2 months
Needed Capital US$1
Can lease office YES
TAX Rate 30%
Need resident director YES
Allowed Liability Limited

Setup a branch office in Morocco


Least shareholders None
Least directors 1
Least manager (any nationality) 1
Time to set up 8 weeks
100% foreign owned YES
Needed Capital No requirement
Can lease office YES
TAX Rate 45%
Duration of opening a bank account 4 weeks
Allowed Liability Not Limited
Known as Succursale

Note: See this business plan before starting a business.

Basic Business Registration Procedures in Morocco

Basic Business Registration Procedures in Morocco

Company Name

Both investors and businessman will need to choose a suitable name for their company. For that, a certificate will also need to be collected ‘certificat de négativité’. This negative certificate will help them to identify and register the business. The certificate is obtainable from CRI (Centre Régional d’Investissement).


One must need to obtain a registered address for the company office in Morocco (can be an owned property or a business lease). The evidence of the address of the company's registered office must need to be submitted.

Foundation of the Statutes

A Statute or articles of institute of the SARL (Société A Responsabilité Limitée, or LLC) will need to be established with a law firm or notary. (For all trading companies).

Formation of Payment Forms

A letter of payment needs to be completed to declare participation in the company's capital. (Seen as a commitment of cash contribution).

Blocking Share Capital

A bank account will need to be opened for the incorporation of the business. The least capital of 1000 Dh will need to be deposited. Then the bank will provide a certificate on the delivered blocking of the share capital. Need to make subscription announcements or payments.

Other Necessary Steps:

  • Need to fill company creation and registration formalities of the company.
  • Must register with the Trade Registrar. Needed requirements for that are the consent of the yearly accounts, financial declaration, administration reports, and auditors’ reports on the economic records.
  • Need to establish a business plan and have to submit to the jurisdictions.
  • Need to register for the patent license and tax ID from Regional Investment Centre with business documents.
  • Obtain membership to the social security administration (CNSS)
  • Have to get a passport or identity card.
  • Lastly, they must need to publish a declaration of the inauguration of the business in the Official Bulletin and a legal publication gazette.

Required Documents to Form a Business in Morocco

  • Shareholder's passport copies,
  • Need a complete application form (obtainable at CRI),
  • Payment evidence of stamp duty,
  • Copies of Incorporation certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association (notarized and apostilled),
  • Summary of the company's shareholder and directors (notarized and apostilled),
  • Documents of import and export,
  • Certificate on the statement of the deposited share capital from the bank,
  • Banker’s certificate (needed for customs withdrawal of imports),
  • Packing list, Bills, Landing invoice, etc.

Morocco has been ranked as the 3rd most friendly state in the world. It is the most targeted place for foreigners and businessman to start a business without any hassle. Morocco offers great opportunities for foreign investments with no high limitations. It also provides standard banking and financial services. There are many promising sectors in Morocco that are available for investments. Businessmen from around the world can enjoy doing business in Morocco by utilizing the available appealing business possibilities.

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