All These Are The Famous IT Companies in Sri Lanka

All These Are The Famous IT Companies in Sri Lanka

All These Are The Famous IT Companies in Sri Lanka

Among the technologically advanced countries in the world, Sri Lanka is one of them. IT Companies in Sri Lanka provide the base of many businesses and companies. Sri Lanka is one of the largest exporters in the world. IT industries are able to contribute to all the sectors. Be it marketing, HRM, Finance, etc. IT can contribute to all sectors.

Benefits of IT Companies in Sri Lanka

As we have said, IT Companies contribute a lot in the business sectors. Sectors related to finances can use IT to help minimize the tasks. The marketing department can use IT to maximize the exposure. Getting your business backed by an IT firm will benefit you. Furthermore, the contributions they make are huge. Getting help from IT Companies will allow you to compete in the global market. It will help you get more reach. Also, it will help you to be competitive in the market.

Top IT Companies in Sri Lanka

Although there are a lot of IT companies in Sri Lanka, we will be going through the top 12 IT companies in Sri Lanka. The top IT companies in Sri Lanka are:

  1. Virtusa
  2. Nexdin
  3. 99x Technology
  4. Codegen
  5. Wso2
  6. Xiteb
  7. Johnkeelsit
  8. Epictechnology
  9. Arimaclanka
  10. Syscolabs
  11. Bhasha
  12. Builtapps

Details of IT Companies in Sri Lanka

IT Companies in Sri Lanka are advanced in a lot of sectors. Be it marketing or finance. Your demand can be fulfilled but the IT companies. The details of the IT Companies in Sri Lanka are provided below with brief descriptions:


Virtusa was founded in 1996. It is one of the oldest and largest IT service companies in Sri Lanka. They are experts when it comes to industry IT solutions to large enterprises. Virtusa has the best experts who provide services that range from IT services like data and analytic, cybersecurity, UX design, digital process automation, etc. Virtusa is partnered with industries like Adobe, AWS, Google, Pega, Salesforce, etc. These are the industry leaders. They provide IT solutions to over 200 companies. This enables these companies to have a competitive edge in the digitalized world.


New IT companies are emerging. Nexdin is among them. It might be new but is fast-growing. Its expertise in software development in Sri Lanka. They are in mobile application development, web application development, website design and development, search engine optimization, etc. Their experience is three years. But don’t expect them to bed bad for less experience. They provide modern IT Solutions to businesses and companies. This enables them to reach more new customers.

99x Technology

If you want to consider one of the experienced companies then IT Company is among the best. They are experts in software product engineering. Including all other services, they also provide full-stack development service, blockchain, mobile applications, cloud services, etc. This company is based in Sri Lanka and Norway. They have their engagements in more than 150 projects which gave them the experience and expertise. Some of the leading companies are also involved in their services.


If you are in the market of travel agencies, this company is an expert. They specialize in travel software solutions. Their solutions allow customers to experience enhanced and fast services on their tours. They are engaging in new markets now including travel & tours, agriculture, gaming, healthcare, etc.


If you want an open-source retailer then they are your best bet. Established in 2005, WSO2 is a leading open-source retailer based in Sri Lanka. IT companies like these provide the best open-source solutions. It allows fast and free flow of data across to potential customers. This IT Company has more than 15 years of experience. Furthermore, this IT company has a worldwide customer base from different sectors.


Xiteb is a multi-national company with more than 15 years of experience. Their expertise is in the web design and mobile app development. Their dedication to the companies is immense. Graphics designing,

mobile app development, SEO/SEM, animated video, etc., are just some examples of what this IT company provides. They provide futuristic websites to their clients.

John Keels IT

John Keels IT belongs to John Keels Holdings PLC. It is a subsidy. They specialize in technology consulting. They have their headquarter in Colombo. Among the old Information Technology Companies in Sri Lanka, John Keels IT is one of them. They help industries with solutions for business opportunities in Sri Lanka and strategies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. They have more than 500 clients across the globe.

Epic Technology

Situated in Baththaramulla, Epic is one of the top software companies in Sri Lanka. They are pioneers in digital transformations, e-government solutions, workflow management, secure electronic payment automation, etc. Epic Technology has almost all government and private banking companies in Sri Lanka.


Among the fastest-growing IT companies, Arimac is one of them. They are experts in disruptive technologies. They provide end-to-end digital solution services, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, game design, and development. They consist of 70+ industry specialists. Each excelling in a variety of fields. Arimac is known to provide futuristic IT solutions to its clients. This IT company is based in Colombo.


Syscolabs is a subsidy of Sysco cooperation, the world's largest foodservice company. It’s based in Sri Lanka and the USA. Their main priorities are marketing, selling, and distribution of food products. This IT company has a client base of 650000 customers. They are experts in high-quality food service experience. They provide food sourcing to the ordering, e-commerce services, delivery, etc. They excel in quality engineering, project management, UI/UX, data and analytics, cloud-based services, etc.


This IT company is one of the globally and locally recognized IT Companies in Sri Lanka. This IT company is situated in Kaluthara. Some of the popular products launched by Bhasha are helakuru, payhere, and Hapan. They consist of 20 highly trained members. They all specialize in a variety of fields. This IT company is partnered with Google, Sampath Bank, Dialog, and SLT.


Builtapps is based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. This IT Company has expertise in digital marketing solutions. Builtapps provide high-quality digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, social media

marketing, online reputation service, etc. These all services allow clients to reach more potential customers. Clients can also get services related to web development, software development, graphic designing, etc from this IT Company.


There are over 300 IT Companies in Sri Lanka according to ICT Sri Lanka. The IT companies in Sri Lanka are emerging fast. Some of the pioneers are from Sri Lanka. Their support to the world enables everyone to compete in the global market.


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