List of companies in Ghana

Ghana is a country in West Africa and possibly serves as the best rags to riches story in the region. After its independence in 1946, Ghana experienced a massive depression in their economy, which lasted several decades, however Ghana still managed to emerge as one of the leading countries in terms of development. Currently, Ghana enjoys a stable economy and a peaceful political landscape. As such, the government of Ghana is always on the lookout for new foreign investment.

Starting up or expanding a company can be a daunting task to any entrepreneur. As such it is always best to do prior research before settling into a country. Such as, what will your customer base be like?  What is the market saturated with? What company type does this country lack? So on and so forth. Thus, a good idea before starting your incorporation progress would be to look at a list of pre-existing companies and use them as a model to how your company should grow.

Before beginning the incorporation process, another thing to note would be the culture of the country you choose to set up in. This plays a key role in understanding your market and being able to effectively win local support. Thus, ensuring your company will grow and be able to sustain itself.

Ghana, or as it is formally known as The Republic of Ghana, is a small country situated in West Africa. Filled with a rich cultural history wrought with warriors and battles between royals, Ghana is now a peaceful country to a population of almost 30 million. Currently Ghana is home to a multitude of ethno-racial and religious groups, giving the country a very harmonious nature.

The population of Ghana is comprised of several ethnic groups:

  • The Akans
  • The Ga
  • The Adangbe
  • The Guang
  • The Dagombas,
  • The Mamprusi
  • The Gurunsi
  • The Gonjas

Despite there being so much diversity in Ghana, the official language of the country is still English, thus business-related communication will be easy.

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If you’re in need of any help towards incorporating your company in Ghana, do contact us here at S & F Consulting. We at S & F Consulting are a business consulting group. We strive to make your registration process as simple and clean as possible. As officially registered agents in Ghana, we are more than qualified to act on your behalf for anything that needs to be done. So, you may just sit back and relax. In the meantime, we have prepared a list of companies that are highly successful in Ghana. We hope that this list inspires you to begin the process towards incorporating your own company registration in Ghana.

Below is a list of companies that either had their roots in Ghana or are primarily based in the country:

  • Accra Brewery Limited

Established all the way back in 1931, Accra Brewery Limited was the very first brewery to open its doors in West Africa. Now the company has several brands under its name and has expanded globally.

  • Ayrton Drugs

A pharmaceutical company established in 1965, Ayrton Drugs specializes in anti-biotics and painkillers.

  • Clydestone Ghana

A telecommunications company established in 1989, Clydestone Ghana specializes in information technology and providing tech support to Ghana residents. Founded by Paul Tse Jacquaye, Cyldestone Ghana also moderates and runs authentication platforms for global credit card brands.

  • Ghana Post

Now Ghana’s top postal service, Ghana Post was established several decades ago and currently employs over 1600 employees across the country.

  • Kuapa Kokoo

The main agricultural export in Ghana is cocoa and Ghanaian cocoa is used across the globe in several leading chocolate brands. Kuapa Kokoo was established in 1993. As a fair trade company, Kuapa Kookoo has amassed quite a following and now has major partnerships with global brands such as The Body Shop and Christian Aid.

  • Metro TV (Ghana)

Metro TV is Ghana’s most viewed television channel. As this company is free for viewing, it has amassed a viewership in the millions. Now it enjoys being the top rated television channel in the country.

  • Trashy Bags

With the environmental crisis the planet is facing, Trashy Bags established themselves as a packaging producer that specializes in creating their products from recycled waste. This company was founded in 2007, making it a young company, but with the success it has had, it certainly belongs on this list.

  • Volta Aluminum Company

Founded in 1948, Volta Aluminum Company is an aluminum producer that is now owned by the government of Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a national of Ghana to register a company?

If you are not a national Ghana, it is perfectly fine. Foreigners can own up to 100% of their company in Ghana, however, they need at least one of the directors to be a resident in Ghana.

How much will it cost to register a company?

The registrar office usually imposes a processing fee of USD 250- USD 1200.

Why should I choose S & F Consulting?

S & F Consulting is a business consultancy group. If you’re a foreign national looking to register your company in the country of your choice, we are here to help you. With over 7 years of successful business registrations, our priority is your happiness. So, with whatever need you may have, do consider coming to us.


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