Malaysia visa fees for Indians

Are you planning to visit Malaysia? You may be eligible for a Malaysia eNTRI. There are 3 types of visas given for Indians by the Malaysian visa which are as follows;

  • Malaysian tourist eNTRI visa
  • Malaysian tourist eVISA
  • Malaysian tourist Multiple eVISA

Types of visa fees

Below is the chart of visa name and visa fees.

Table 1:

Name of visa Malaysia eNTRI visa 30 days Single entry eVisa 30 days Multiple entry eVisa
Total days of Stay 15 days only 30 days 30 days
Visa fees (INR) 2800 3580 3780
No. of entries Single Entry Only Single Entry Only Multiple Entry

Table 2:

Malaysia visa price eNTRI visa  30 days eVisa Malaysia multiple entry visa
VFS Fees INR 1900 Rs 2990 INR 3190
Our Fees Rs 500 INR 500 Rs 500
IGST INR 90 Rs 90 INR 90
Total Cost Rs 2490 INR 3580 Rs 3780

Here is the all visa Malysian fees for Indians. You may also want to know about setting up a company in Malaysia.


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