Registration of companies in Mauritius

The countries Corporate and Business Registration Department belong to the office of government. this falls under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The registrations of the companies in Mauritius is monitored by. There are many advantages of starting a business in Mauritius.

  • Companies Act 2001
  • The Business Registration Act 2002
  • The Insolvency Act 2009
  • The Limited Partnership Act 2011 and
  • The Foundations Act 2012.

In the information of entities can be obtained from office.

The functions of corporate and business registration department:

  • Registration of business.
  • Services of insolvency.
  • The incorporation involves in the system of registration and striking-off companies.
  • The documents registration of companies must be filed under the Companies Act 2001.
  • The provision of company information to the public.
  • The enforcement of compliance with legal requirements.
  • Registration done with limited partnership and foundations.

Incorporation of business in Mauritius:

  • The incorporation of companies in the country can be effective only through online registration.
  • It also requires in submitting the necessary documents at the office where the company registration is conducted.
  • The online registration must be done along with Mauritius Network Services and company formation service partnership in Mauritius.
  • The name of the company depends on the availability of incorporation.
  • It should be filled in the prescribed application form of the company in Mauritius which is Form 1. Later this form should be submitted in along with Form 7,8 and 9.
  • At least 1 director should be a citizen of the country.
  • After the approval of Financial Service Commission, the incorporation will be then affective for the Global Business License.

Application form of incorporation:

  • Full name of the applicant.
  • Proposed name for the company.
  • Office address which is registered.
  • Full name of present and past company name.
  • Commonly used residential address, service address and company secretary’s address
  • Particulars of the company registration, business occupation and directorship in public or subsidiary public companies which is handled by each director. There should also be a note of directors of what and how many departments they are handling.
  • Specification whether it is a limited or unlimited company
  • Specification whether the company is private or public
  • Mentioning the activities done in business according the Business Registration Act
  • Checking the information given in the registration is true and correct
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Particulars on the company which is registered and the unique number of a company.

Documents to be submitted to the company registration:

  • Company’s copy of constitution which is certified by at least one applicant for the company’s constitution.
  • A signed consent which is the confirmation of company directors and secretaries stating that they are not incompetent of handling the job in the company.
  • Signed consent of shareholders who agree on the number of shares they have from the company and the amount paid for obtaining those shares.
  • A signed agreement from each member stating about consent of the member and total amount undertaken by each person to contribute when an event is winding up
  • If the documents are signed and represented by an agent for the members or shareholders for authorizing the form.

Further documents to be submitted are;

  • Certificate of certificate – original document.
  • Copy of passport for non-resident.
  • Resident permit copy for a company director who is a foreigner
  • Address proof of a company director by showcasing some utility bills such as electricity bill, gas bill, etc.
  • If there is only one secretary in the company, then they will also need to provide their address proof.

Fee payment of company registration:

Private Company Rs 3000 Rs 3000
Public Company Rs 13500 Rs 13500
Global Business USD 65 USD 65
Summary of the File Rs 200 Rs 100
Request on signed Certificate of Incorporation Rs 300 Rs 300


Can the business registration be done online for Mauritius?

Yes! It is recommended to do online business registration

What is the duration for the completion of business registration?

The business registration can be completed within 1 day

Is it necessary for the directors of the company to be a resident of the country?

It is not necessary for all the directors to be a citizen of Mauritius, but as per the Business Registration Act at least 1 director should be a resident of the country.

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