Obtaining a Salary Certificate in Qatar

If you are a new employee in Qatar, chances are that you may be unfamiliar with the term “Salary Certificate”. To put it simply, a salary certificate is a document that has the following details listed and certified: Your company name, your base salary amount, raises/deductions to your base salary, allowances made etc. This certificate can be issued on behalf of the employee once a request has been made by the manager or head of office of the place of employment. An officially attested salary certificate is the most important document when it comes to requesting for a loan.

In order to get this attestation done, you must go through the procedures of a few government bodies, while this may look like a difficult process- we at S & F Consulting, assure you it is not and it will help you how to register a company in Qatar, company incorporation and all that. With our help as officially recognized agents, we will take up the work for you and submit your application to all relevant departments. With us by your side, you may sit back and relax and within a short span of time, you will have your officially attested salary certificate.

The following are the government bodies your application will go through:

In order to file for the attestation of your Salary Certificate, you will need to prepare the following documents beforehand, do note that any discrepancy in these documents will push back the attestation:

  • The original version of your salary certificate
  • A copy of your commercial residence certificate
  • A copy of your computer card
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your Qatar residence card (Adhar card)

Even though the process is complicated, as officially registered agents, we have years of experience under us. Simply contact us and we will have the task done in no time at all. If you still feel some reservations, you may talk to one of our friendly customer service agents- the best part is that all advice is completely free of charge!

It is to be noted that the attested salary document only holds its validity for one year. After one year, you will need to update and renew the certificate as needed. This is to ensure that the details of your salary are always current and to avoid any discrepancies on the side of either party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary certificate?

The Salary certificate is a document that is officially attested and contains all details regarding your salary.

Do I need to obtain an attested salary certificate?

Yes, it is mandatory and is of utmost importance when requesting for any sort of loan from a bank as it tells the bank your current financial situation.

How much will this procedure cost?

The general attestation fee for all documents in Qatar (exempting documents related to commerce and business) have a nominal fee of QR 100 per document.

How long will this take?

After all the relevant documents are submitted successfully, this process should take approximately 2 business days to be completed. You will then be mailed your attested certificate.

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