Singapore Business Visa

Singapore Business Visa

The Singapore visa fee for both tourist and business visa in the country are quite similar. Business visa in Singapore is one of the strictest processes where the requirement expected from a candidate is inspected carefully where each requirement should be satisfied by the Singapore officers.

Singapore is a recommended place to have the best business meeting due to its best professionally built environment. The infrastructure of the country is a perfect place in the world to work. Collaborate and also having fun. The government of Singapore gives various opportunities for foreigners so that they can use their knowledge and talent in the right place.

Types of Business Visa:

Enter pass Business Visa:

Here are some of the following business launches where an applicant will not be eligible to receive an Enter Pass visa;

Investor Visa:


Business Visit Visa:

Visa Entry Requirements:

Visa-Free Countries:

Applicants who are under the category of Assessment Level 1 and Assessment Level 2 lists are not allowed to stay for a maximum stay of 30 days without visa in Singapore, exceptional for the following holders who can stay for 90 days such as:

Applicants who have Taiwan passports and if they specifically do not have the right to abode in Taiwan then they must have a valid Taiwan re-entry permit.

Requirement for Visa:

Singapore visa of groups require nationals into two groups which are Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 level countries.

Assessment 1 Level Countries:

Applicants who have an ordinary passport or travel document under the following list will have an application of online visa which is through the contact of Singapore or a Singapore strategic partner or also the closest Singaporean diplomatic mission or one of Singaporean visa agents who is authorized. The visa is issued within 1 working day. The applicant can travel with printouts which is out of the e-visa. The requirements of visa are not applicable to the non-ordinary passports of the countries except North Korea.

The following are the Assessment 1 list of countries;

Assessment 2 Level Countries:

Countries under the following assessment should obtain a visa in advance. These countries might have to receive the visa through a local Singaporean contact of a strategic partner in the country. the visa can also be applied in the country’s nearest diplomatic mission or also in one of the authorized visa agents who are out of Singapore and need to check Singapore Passport. The visa will normally be issued in 3 working days, a visa vignette is affixed on the applicant’s passport.

The following are the Assessment 2 list of countries;

Non-ordinary passports:

In the non-ordinary passports of assessment 2 holders the visa requirement does not apply to holders of diplomatic or any official passports of Bangladesh, Jordan, Tunisia and diplomatic passports of Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Business Visa Fees in Singapore:

In Singapore, there are only 2 visas which is charged for processing fee. The 2 visas are Business and Tourist visa. It is charged for Rs.2300+GST when the applicant applies through Blinkvisa.com.

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