Small Scale Business Opportunities in Sri Lanka

This article is mostly dedicated to my investor friends who are recently planning to invest and start their own business in Sri Lanka. Partially, I often find many of my business owner friends & foreign investor friends looking for certain ideal ideas regarding small scale business opportunities in Sri Lanka. My article is mainly going to focus on types and benefits regarding small scale business opportunities in Sri Lanka.

According to the certain research and outcomes of the 2012 IMF estimates, Sri Lanka economy is estimated to be about $64 billion. Moreover, the country’s per capital GDP is said to be about $7900. Sri Lanka and their economy has most likely encounter strong growth and stability in recent years and is most likely to be ahead of all other countries in South East Asia in terms of GDP per capita.

Although in today’s date Sri Lank ranks as 81st among all other business-oriented countries on the Ease of Doing Business Rank but this doesn’t rule out various large or small scale business opportunities in Sri Lanka for investors to invest and make profit.

Hence, if you have some funds to invest and desire to seek in the business world of Sri Lanka here are some of the top investment opportunities for you to look in.

Top Small Scale business ideas & Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Information Technology (IT) Business Sector:

As we all know how these latest Information Technologies services and products are proving and discovering various ways to make our life easier and hassle free by the means of their amazing applications and software they bring in.

Eventually like in all other countries around the globe the demand and need of IT related services and products are booming in Sri Lanka. Hence professionals and business who offer IT related services such as database management, information security, data storage, tracking, monitoring and so on are kept in high demand.

So, if any of my investor friend think that they have a solid background, knowledge and experience in anything related to the IT world, Sri Lanka is surly going to be the perfect place for them to carry out expertise and invest their money, luck and energy. Establishing and incorporating of an IT firm does not require a much.

Container or Can Foodstuff:

Sri Lankans love to eat and explore new taste. Sadly, in today’s date the country lacks in high potential of the availability of various foods and masalas in the country.

Hence, foodstuff such as canned products, packet consumes and other delights are considered to be most largely imported commodities all over Sri Lanka.

These is surely one of the best small scale business opportunities in Sri Lanka for my investor friends as they can easily import food from neighboring countries or parent country and sell them locally in Sri Lanka.

This sort of business policy is quite easy to initiate, as it usually requires a very little capital and does not require to go through several permits and licensing issues.

Tourism Business:

Yes, the tourism business is certainly one of the lucrative business opportunities in Sri Lanka to make good profit from.

Every year thousands of tourist along with friends and family of different races come over to visit the country to take full advantage of the attractions the country holds within around the beautiful islands and attractive beaches located in the southeast part of Singapore, the heritage sites situated in the inner part of the country and of course not to forget the eye catching resorts and hotels located in the mountainous regions of Sri Lanka.

Untroubledly, the tourism business is certainly to be one of the best business sectors for investors to seek in.


Very recently a certain change of health awareness is found among the Sri Lankans. Booming demand for medications, healthy products and other pharmaceutical goods are picking high steak all over the country.

Drastic growth rate is found in pharmaceutical industries all over Sri Lanka and moreover doing good business.

Hence, I would suggest my investor friends that if they have enough capital to set up a pharmaceutical company then they must take in Sri Lanka to be one of those destination for making big money for longer terms.

Yes, you have to go through certain licensing and permits obtaining procedures, but these small hardships is nothing that can be compared with the profits to come in from the business.

Well, if have low capital you can simply start by buying pharmaceutical products as a wholesaler or retailer and sell your goods to the consumers. All you would need a shop and some legal permits with a small capital to invest.

Textile and Fabrics:

Everyone around the globe is concern about fashion and what to wear. Yes, Sri Lankans do have good fashionable taste on what they are wearing and how they look.

One can setup his or her own garment industry or like import garments goods, textile and fabrics from neighboring country or parent country to sell in in Sri Lanka.

Consumers of all ages and genders will surly take in advantage of the new trends and fashion you will bring in for them. This is surly considered to be one of the most profitable business policy in Sri Lanka and usually does not require much to start up.

Well, there are certainly many other small scale business companies in Sri Lanka available for my investors friends and business owner to look into and make big profit from.

Some of it can be from the Real State, Petroleum and other chemical importation, Construction services, Healthcare centers, Education Centers, Beauty Parlor and many more.

All you need to know is how to invest and what should be done to establish and legal register your business in Sri Lanka.


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