Startup Business Opportunities in Malaysia

Startup Business Opportunities in Malaysia

Startup business in Malaysia seems to have prospective. The reason for such statement is that, in recent years huge number of startup business have emerged in this nation, and almost all of them are enjoying their part of success at present time. With that in mind, Malaysian authority seems to be welcoming innovations and new ways of trade and commerce system in this land.

Such lavishing trade environment in Malaysia is alluring local as well as foreign investors and freshers. As a result, they are gushing in to this nation with an aim to establish their desired startup company and foreign company registration in Malaysia. However, success in startup depends on sustainable ideas, right efforts, right time and sufficient capital to begin with.

Here in this content we will see exactly what startups have great market demands in Malaysia. So, read this article till the end. Who knows, at the end of reading this, a new idea of startup business in Malaysia might light up in your mind as well.

Online market place

Online marketplace in Malaysia

If we consider top ranked startups in Malaysia, one cannot ignore online markets or e-commerce sites. Through this type of business startup, you can get showcase a vast list of products for sell. A prospective online shop can have vast possibilities. Your e-commerce site may contain products of any specific genre or it may accommodate a wide range of products, starting from daily useable grocery products to real estates.

Online market has great popularities in this nation, as e-commerce businesses made life easier and convenient. Due to this facility, consumers in present days can easily order and buy their required items entirely online. All a person need is a running computer or smart phone, and internet connectivity. This field of startup so far proved to have exceptional potential and future possibilities in Malaysian market.

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Ride sharing and delivery business

Ride sharing and delivery business in Malaysia

Online app-based ride sharing and product delivery options are pretty known to the present world. It is rapidly gaining popularities in every nation. Malaysia is not an exception. Nowadays, Malaysians can’t think a single working day without car sharing options. Startup business like GRAB have already got a vast popularity in Malaysia. Currently few other companies are also emerging, that provides relevant services of ride sharing, using various transport medium.

Product delivery, on the other hand got more responds for manufacturer and merchandisers or an individual for whom product transections on time is necessary. To sim up all these present demands, ride sharing and delivery business has great demand, as long as the service you intended to provide is convenient, time saving, easy to use and friendly for end user’s pocket.

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Accommodation sharing

Accommodation sharing in Malaysia

This is considered as a very innovative and interesting field of startup. International startups like Airbnb have already got popularity around the world with their accommodation sharing ideas. One can easily use this for you0r favor. If you have good place to live or want to rent your house for some extra bucks, you can now easily do that.

All you need to do is renovate and redecorate your home that you want to put up for sharing. After that you can subscribe yourself to the Airbnb’s online platform. From there on you can showcase and invite interested expats for sharing your accommodation in return of a particular charge.

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Photography and event planner services

Photography and event planner services in Malaysia

As the society is improving, the demands and requirement expectations are also going up among the native Malaysians and foreigners. This calls for better social celebrations, bigger programs and events. When such celebrations and events are on the stake, the startup relevant to event planning and photography seem to have great opportunities in Malaysia. Although it is comparatively a new field of business, but it has potentials to give you an impressive revenue retune at the end of every year.

However, to have a domination in this startup business, you need to have a set of skills and proper equipment standby. For example, you need to have good knowledge on photography and relevant equipment management. A good networking with decorators, wood workers, and interior designers can be rewarding too.

Health and beauty related services

Health and beauty related services in Malaysia

Malaysians are now way more conscience about their health and beauty. They try to go in parallel with the latest trends and fashions. Of course, the nation follows Muslim norms and culture, but when it comes to follow the beauty tips and health issues, they compromise nothing less. This calls for another startup opportunity that you can try in Malaysia for upcoming days.

Although need to know that, fields relevant to this is highly competitive. Many have already started health and beauty advisory businesses in Malaysia. This is because, experienced health and beauty advisors have great demand in Malaysia. Many cosmetics and consumer companies seek for such experts in this country. With all that in mind, this can be a great startup for upcoming entrepreneurs. Well, you may want to know about the wholesale-retail trade WRT license in Malaysia.

These are just some ideas an entrepreneur can think of as one of their startup plans. Nevertheless, when it is about startup business opportunities in Malaysia, the scopes and opportunities are way bigger than this. The nation gladly invites every innovative proposal and the government welcomes potential newcomers who can possibly push the economy of the nation to a whole new level. Finally, looks like this trend of emerging new startups in Malaysian market does not seem to slow down any time sooner.


How can you start a trading business in Malaysia?

The registration process of a trading business have several steps. This link takes you to the detail processes of starting a business in Malaysia.

How much does it cost to start a business in Malaysia?

A business formation fee of RM1,000 has to be payed to the SSM office in Malaysia.

Can foreigner start business in Malaysia?

Yes, except of sole proprietorship, foreigner can start any business in Malaysia.

How can you earn money fast in Malaysia?

By following current business trend and involve with a fast growing business.


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