Tea business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for a lot of things and one of them is because of its Tea production. Sri Lanka has one of the largest Tea production industries of the tea world. The country did and does face time to time fluctuations some of the reasons due to these changes are a reduction of selling price because of the country’s non-stable economy or problems with production. but as far as it is to be concerned there is no problem when it comes to production and distribution. The main problem here is the reduction in price in which there is a problem with more distribution but less price.

In Sri Lanka, the Tea business is connected to the economy of the country since the Tea industry is the main distribution for the country. The economy of Sri Lanka mainly relies on 2 industries which are Tourism and Tea. The 2 T’s are the most important industries in the country. The Tea industry plays a major role in the country’s trade market. Here are some of the advantages of the Tea business in Sri Lanka;


The tea industry in the country plays a major role. It is the most important industry since the country’s economy relies on the Tea Industry. In the year 2000, there was a record stating that the country has $700 billion revenue from the tea industry which helped to protect their country from the Iraq war since small countries such as Sri Lanka can get affected because of its mass production of the bombing. The Tea industry plays an important factor in covering up the countries debt also. In the past the country has known to face a lot of civil wars and therefore to recover the country is indebted to some countries and so is under debt.


Tea in Sri Lanka is known has the best teas in the world. Sri Lanka is one of the highest tea production industries in the world after which comes India, China, Japan and other countries. Sri Lanka also produces Tea all around the world including the other following countries after Sri Lanka. The country’s trade system of tea includes both import and export. The industrial functions of Tea play an important role.

The trade system was first happening within the country and there is a long trade relationship between Sri Lanka and India. India was there from the beginning since it was Indian Tamil Labors who started working for the Sri Lankan Tea industry since Sinhala people were reluctant to work in the field and there was a minor problem for Sri Lankan Tamils to work in the field. So overall the country has a strong trade system within the country and with India as a back up if their trade system falls down with other countries.


The country has a major strong impact when it comes to their Tea business. The best part in Sri Lanka is that they have lots of vast acres to produce Tea. Kandy is the main district where they produce Tea in the country. But apart from Kandy there are other districts in the country where Tea plantation is done vastly. Some of the districts where tea plantation is vastly done in the country are Badulla, Matale, Kegalle, Sabaragamuwa, Nuwara Eliya, Kurunegala and Matara.

During the 1800’s the Tea plantation started increasing continuously mainly by the British colonization. The Tea industry during the British colonization was handled by James Taylor who was mainly handling the tea functions in Kandy. Henry Randolph is another Britisher who handled the tea industry, he was one of the main pioneers who handled the Tea Cultivation in the country.


The labor of Sri Lankan Tea industry started before the plantation of coffee industry in Malaysia. Before tea, coffee was playing a major role in the market. During that time Sinhala people were not involved in doing any labor for coffee plantation. When Tea was found in the market it was found that large number of labors were needed for this Industry. So, during that time under the British colonization, they have decided to hire Indian Tamilians to work in the Sri Lankan Tea plantation. And from then on there has been increasing labor force from India to work in the Tea industry.

The labor force in the Tea business in Sri Lanka is worked by women. Women are the most preferred being to work in the plantation than men since they can handle smoothly and pick leaves properly. The Labor force in this industry is so high that the minimum work age of a women in the tea industry is 12 years. Therefore, Tea labor in Sri Lanka is a huge advantage to do business since the workforce here is huge.


Though there are less types of Tea products in Sri Lanka the Tea business in Sri Lanka is peculiarly huge.

  • Black Tea which is also known Ceylon Black Tea is one of the most specialized tea in the country. It has an aroma of crispness along with the essence of citrus which the two are mixed but blends well. This type of tea is grown in various estates where the tea differs from its altitude and taste.
  • Ceylon Green Tea is basically from the roots of Assam. It is grown in Idalgashinna in Uva Province of Assam. Whereas, the green tea produced in Sri Lanka has a fuller body with more pungent, malty and nutty flavor. The Ceylon Green Tea tastes similar to Chinese Green Tea where it is tightly rolled with gunpowder tea.
  • Ceylon White Tea which also known as Silver Tips is a highly priced tea which is grown in Nuwara Eliya near Adams Peak. Having to do White Tea business is a prestigious business since it is costly and the profit here is very high.


The country has played a major role in this industry where some functions are outdated due to which there is no stability in the industry. The Tea industry has given tremendous impact to the country. Well, now you need to know about sole proprietorship business registration in Sri Lanka. Though there have been many fluctuations over the years still this industry has been a huge support for the country.


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