Know the culture of Ghana before visit as a tourist

Know the culture of Ghana before visit as a tourist

Ghana, or as it is formally known as The Republic of Ghana, is a small country situated in West Africa. Filled with a rich cultural history wrought with warriors and battles between royals, Ghana is now a peaceful country to a population of almost 30 million. Currently Ghana is home to a multitude of ethno-racial and religious groups, giving the country a very harmonious nature. Whether you’re a solo traveler on your next adventure or are with your family on a relaxing vacation, Ghana has something for everyone!

If you’re interested in visiting or living in Ghana, it is best to understand their local culture first. Here we’ve created a mini introduction on culture in Ghana in order to help you along. Hope its help you to visit in Ghana.

There are several reasons to visit Ghana, the first being the authentic experience you will receive. As a country that struggled economically to become one of West Africa’s most developed nations, Ghana truly has a unique atmosphere to it. After its independence in 1946, Ghana strove to become the country it is today.

As mentioned before, the population of over 28 million people is highly diverse and comprised of several ethnic groups:

  • The Akans
  • The Ga
  • The Adangbe
  • The Guang
  • The Dagombas,
  • The Mamprusi
  • The Gurunsi
  • The Gonjas

However, despite having so many groups, English is still the officially spoken language throughout the country. This makes communications easy for anyone foreign who enters the country. In terms of religion, Ghana is a Christian country by majority, however other religions like Islam and traditional faiths also have a sizable following.

Food of Ghana - Part of the Culture in Ghana

The cuisine in Ghana is quite unique. It may not seem to be a worldwide sensation, but trust us, Ghana’s food brings something new and fresh to your taste buds. As each ethnic group and tribe has their own special flavor, all these come together to make the cuisine in Ghana varied and exciting.

In Ghana, rice is one of the staple foods and as such, most dishes feature it as a main ingredient.

  • Jollof rice

One of the most popularly known dishes outside of the country, Jollof rice is rice that is cooked in a tomato sauce blend. This dish is commonly served with a side of meat or fish.

  • Banku and tilapia

Chances are that you’re already familiar with tilapia, but banku and tilapia is a common street food in Ghana. Freshly grilled tilapia is served to you with a side of Banku- a fermented dough made from corn and cassava flour. This dish is then topped with a spicy pepper sauce.

  • Waakye

Another dish featuring rice. Waakye is a simple staple dish made from rice cooked with beans and served with sides of either meat or fried plantain.

  • Red-red

Fans of non-spicy food can celebrate; this light broth is made from beans and is generally served with vegetables. Moreover, if you’re a vegetarian, this dish is perfect for you.

  • Kelewele

Although a side dish, kelewele is popular for its addictive nature. Plaintains are cut into cubes, deep fried and then coated in spices.

  • Omo tuo

Yet another rice dish, omo tuo are rice balls that are served alongside meat dishes and spicy stews.

Now that we’ve covered the best foods to eat in when in Ghana, below are the places we recommend you visit to eat the aforementioned! You may want to know also about how to register a company in Ghana.

Best places to visit in Ghana

  • Accra

The country’s capital. Accra is the most modern and busy cities in Ghana. Moreover, it is home to several parks as well as the national museum of Ghana.

  • Kakum National Park

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Kakum National Park could be your sanctuary- this beautiful park provides you access to walk through the rainforests of Ghana on a canopy!

  • Mole National Park

Another park on the list, but this time focusing more on the fauna of Ghana. In Mole national park you can witness more than 250 species of animals frolic happily in their natural habitat.

  • Kumasi

The former capital of Ghana, Kumansi now bursts with colours and tourist sights.

  • Lake Volta

Covered more than 3% of Ghana’s territory, you’ll be shocked to find out that this beautiful lake is actually artificial!

  • Paga Crocodile Pond

Crocodiles are unfairly one of the most feared animals in the world, however if you visit Paga Crocodile pond, you’ll have a chance to see that these giant lizards are innocent and friendly.


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