The Customs in Mauritius - Import regulations

The registration for a trip in Mauritius should be done in the U.S department of the country. The customs in Mauritius is prepared by the country’s U.S Embassies abroad. The network is around 108 offices which is situated in more than 75 countries. The U.S Commercial services form the U.S Department of Commerce which uses their global existence and international marketing expertise which can help U.S companies sell their services and products across the whole world.

Import options of the customs in Mauritius:

The following list are where a male or female who is above 16 years can bring the following products which are as follows;

  • Tobacco such as cigarettes and cigars which are not more than 250 grams
  • Spirits which are not more than 1 liter
  • Wine, ale and beer which are not more than 2 liters
  • Only one portable instrument each from the following;
  • Music instrument
  • Sound recorder
  • Image recorder
  • Radio receiver
  • Video camera
  • Camera
  • Cine camera
  • Sporting arm which is permitted by the police before importing but only or less than 50 cartridges
  • Non-power bicycle
  • Windsurfer which is up to 3 assorted sails
  • Surf board
  • Fish equipment except for any kind of guns

Materials prohibited according to the customs in Mauritius:

  • Sugar-cane
  • Parts thereof
  • Soil micro-organism
  • Animals which are invertebrate
  • When an animal product is imported then there should be an import permit taken from the Ministry of Agriculture and Sanitary Certificate from the country originated and banks of Mauritius. After arriving all animal product must be informed immediately to the customs authorities and also landing is allowed only when the certificates are shown by the veterinary authorities from the exporting country is conformity with the permit of import. According to the permit requirement, dogs and cats should undergo six months quarantine and other animals should be up to 2 months.
  • For a plant import the permission must be required by the Ministry of Agriculture along with detailed explanation about the plants and plant materials which includes cutting, flowers, bulbs, fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds. Immediately after the arrival every plant brought should be informed to the customs where they are also to be scanned.

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