The main export goods of Algeria

Before a discussion on main export goods of Algeria, we should know about the Algerian economy and business. Algeria is the largest country in the continent of Africa, making it the tenth largest in the world. As such, Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world. Additionally, on an economic scale, Algeria is doing extremely well. The country is a member of several large economic unions (the African Union, the Arab League, OPEC, the United Nations and the Arab Maghreb Union). And also enjoys having the highest human development index of all landlocked African countries.

However, Algeria was not always this stable.  A country wrought with several clashes until its recent history, Algeria has worked hard to enjoy the rank it has now. Perhaps exploring Algerian history, a little would be best to truly understand. Officially independent from the French colonial rule in 1962, Algeria struggled financially in its first few decades of independence. Algeria was also in a state of civil war until 2002. However, with its natural oil and gas reserves, Algeria managed to build itself up and now is considered a Middle Eastern Power. In fact, Algeria has the second largest oil reserves in the world!

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As mentioned earlier, Algeria now has the highest human development index of all landlocked African countries. In fact, for their current population of 41.32 million people, they now have a nominal GDP per capita valued at $4,237.

But how did it get this way? The answer is through its export industry.  As of 2018, Algeria’s export industry was worth $34.37 billion a value that is only growing higher. In fact, this makes it the 56th largest exporter in the world! In a 2019 index, Algeria was given an economic score of 46.2. This makes Algeria rank 171st in the world with regards to freedom of economy. While this score is still relatively low, recent studies show that Algeria is only showing an improvement.

So what are Algeria’s main export products? A recent census showed that 97% of its exports are petroleum, natural gas and petroleum products. However, these aren’t its only exports. Below is a small overview of the main exports goods of Algeria.

The list of main exports goods of Algeria:

  • Petroleum Gas

This export makes up 42% of exports with a value of $15.6 billion. Petroleum Gas or liquified petroleum gas is a flammable mixture of gas used to make fuel. This fuel is used to heat up common appliances such as kitchen tools and vehicles,

  • Crude Petroleum

This export makes up 32% of exports with a value of $12.8 billion. Crude Petroleum is an unrefined oil. As a fossil fuel this can be used for the production of petrochemicals such as petrol, diesel and gasoline.

  • Refined Petroleum

This product makes up 18% of exports with a value of $6.89 billion. Refined petroleum is what is made when crude petroleum is put into a refinery. Refined petroleum products are most often made into products for everyday uses such as petroleum naphtha, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel and fuel oils.

  • Ammonia

This product makes up 1.1% of exports with a value of $ $426 million.  Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. A colourless gas with a signature pungent smell, this chemical compound is most often used for the purification purposes of water supplies as well as refrigeration.

  • Nitrogenous Fertilizers

This product makes up 0.85% of exports with a value of $ $318 million. Nitrogenous fertilizers are mineral fertilizers that are used to improve plant growth. Classified as an organic fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizers are essential to the agricultural industry across the world.

  • Raw Sugar

This product makes up 0.65% of exports with a value of $244 million. Raw sugar or unrefined sugar is the by product of liquid processed from the sugarcane plant. A quintessential ingredient in several desserts across the globe, raw sugar is now more popular than refined sugar. This is due to recent healthy eating trends.

  • Tropical Fruits

This product makes up 0.18% of exports with a value of $67.6M. A tropical fruit can be defined as a fruit that can only be grown under hot and humid conditions. Algeria’s most popular tropical fruit are dates.


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