Top 10 Business Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar is a gulf nation that is also a prospectus country in Middle Eastern region with impressive possibilities and business opportunities. Every year thousands and millions of investors hurdle in this country to set their ventures. Now you must be wondering out of so many big nations why we are talking about this particular country?

Well, Qatar is well equipped with fabulous malls, superior hotels and luxurious infrastructures. Apart from its eye-catchy, shiny skyscrapers, and rich outlooks, this country also has a reputation among business investors all over the world. This is because Qatar is a rich nation and the nation allows convenient work opportunities.

The country also has pockets for further developments in its infrastructures and economy and therefore authority of this country doesn’t want to compromise with those scopes. Ultimately this means a wide spectrum of business opportunities in Qatar both for investors as well as millions of workers from all around the world travel into this land. Tops auditing firms in Qatar who will help you to set up online business in Qatar.

So what are some of the enticing opportunities available in Qatar? Go no further because here in this article we have listed out top 10 business opportunities in Qatar just for you. So read through this article, who knows one of these opportunities may trigger your plan to set your next overseas business in Qatar.

List of top business opportunities in Qatar

Construction and building material manufacturing

Qatar is a prosperous nation and the nation always shows high interest in infrastructure developments.  With that in mind construction business goes at the boom throughout the year in this nation and construction companies in Qatar. This naturally demands huge quantity of construction and building materials. As a potential investor, you can always try to setup a construction material manufacturing and importing business here in Qatar. Construction and building materials got high demands in this nation throughout the year, so you can expect big business if you can manage to setup a venture on this.

Event planning and interior designing

Next in line of the top business opportunities in Qatar comes the event planning and interior designing business. Once infrastructure is all set, Qatari residents like to decorate their homes and offices as impressive as possible. The touch of modernism with luxury in their interior is always at a high priority for natives in this nation.

In addition with that, event planning business also got a huge demand in this gulf nation. You can expect various company inaugurations, big office events and even family celebrations at a massive level in almost every day life in this country. So, an event planning business should see high times in most of the year in Qatar.

Food and restaurant business

There is a local phrase which goes like this, ’Food business never goes bad’, yes When talking about Qatar, it can be said that you cannot make loses in food business, until you make absolutely worse food in town. If you are in Qatar and got quality foods to offer with few good chefs in connection, you are most welcome to start a food and restaurant business in Qatar. One thing can be assured that the business return will not disappoint you once you are in food and restaurant business in Qatar. You can check to start existing business by checking and buying a restaurant business for sale in Qatar.

Business consulting service

Another prospectus business channel is the business consulting service in Qatar. Of course you need to have a deep experience and knowledge on this sector before running such business. You cannot expect to hop in from other nation, rent premises and run this business. You need to have proper business setup process along with sufficient expertise and manpower to run a business consulting service in Qatar. However, succeeded to establish one in this nation will come up with handsome revenue at the end of every business sessions.

IT firm

Information technology firm makes a great deal of business in Dubai. When the nation is mostly oriented on various businesses, the demand for information technology is ultimately at a higher stake. More businesses nowadays look for business optimizing and assisting software. Apart from that all companies seek for superior security system to protect their data and resource information. Again that calls for IT firms.  With the wave of modernization and dependency on technology, Qatar appreciates establishment of IT firms in this country.

Laundry business

Although sound simple and a low budget business, laundry business runs all year long in Qatar. Even when all big fishes in the corporate sea go extinct, this business will go with its own pace. This is because, cleaning, ironing, dry washing clothes goes beyond businesses and offices. It is a domestic demand. The need for a laundry is regular for almost all the household residents in Qatar. So, it is a high demand business and it can even give you a fortune if the serve is satisfactory once started a laundry of your own in Qatar.

Gym and fitness

When in Qatar, you might think most of the residents here are work oriented and gets very less time for leisure, but this is not the fact. There are people who make time for their body and health too. They seek for quality gym and fitness center in Qatar. Of course you will find many in this country, so the competitions will be definitely high here, but if you think you can offer something extra to your valued clients than a plan to set up this business in Qatar is just for you.

Cleaning service

When there are huge offices, condos, convention centers and residences all are at regular usage, naturally you can expect the demand of cleaning services are also high in this place. Qatari residents always prefer their home and office to be tip top and hygienic. This is why most of the time they call for commercial cleaning services. If you thing you have expertise in this sector, and can offer superior cleaning service, all you have to do is to invest on necessary incorporation process in Dubai, followed by required equipments and employees to get a grip on this particular sector in Dubai.

Vehicle maintenance business

If you are an expert in car maintenance and repairing this business opportunity in Qatar is for you. Like Dubai, Qataris are fond of their cars. Keeping expensive cars is considered as hobbies for many of the natives. This also demands for regular maintenance and repairing. Therefore, vehicle maintenance business has a very good demand in Qatar. If you are able to start one, and can offer good services, you can be assured of earning a fortune in a short period of time.

Technology product retailing business

Last but not the least, comes the technology product retailing business. Although this business plan comes at the list in this list of business opportunities in Dubai, but it is of no less fortune. This business deals with selling tech gadgets such as laptops, smart phones, tablet computer etc. It must be mentioned that Qataris are obsessed about latest tech gadgets but very few sellers sell those. So, if you can manage to setup a business on this, you can expect to have a strong business from the very beginning.

There are many business possibilities other than these 10 business opportunities in Qatar. It always depends on you and your expertise in the professional field where you want to end up once stepped into Qatar. However, no matter which business opportunity you choose to move on, the underlying tricks of success remain the same and these are hard work, persuasiveness, smart investments and right time.


What are the best businesses in Qatar?

Best businesses you can start in Qatar are:
1. Construction and building material manufacturing and importing
2. Event planning and interior designing
3. Restaurant business
4. Business consulting firm
5. Information technology
6. Beauty and fitness center
7. Cleaning service
8. Car repairing service
9. Tech product retailing business
10. Laundry

Which are illegal activities in Qatar?

Drugs importing, carrying and manufacturing, pornography production and transaction, pork products and distributions, religious books and material manufacturing and distributions are considered illegal in Qatar. Consumption and selling of alcoholic beverages are also prohibited unless licensed, and permitted for foreign individuals.

What are the major businesses in Qatar?

Major businesses in Qatar are:
1. Crude oil manufacturing
2. Petrochemical production
3. Chemicals and fertilizers manufacturing
4. Steel reinforcing plants
5. Ship repairing at commercial level

How many free zones are there in Qatar?

There are only two free zones in Qatar; these are:
1. Ras Boufantas Free Zone
2. Umm AlHoul Free Zone

What are the best small business opportunities in Qatar?

There are many small businesses that have been established in Qatar; among them here are the best businesses which are growing faster than others in this nation:
1. Catering service
2. Business consulting
3. Business tax management and book keeping services
4. Web design and development
5. Cleaning service
6. Courier business
7. Laundry
8. Online tutoring
9. Beauty and fitness center
10. Electronic repairing service
11. Legal advisor service
12. Marketing business
13. Property maintenance service
14. Personal health assistant
15. Saloon and hair dresser business


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